Rumpleteazer In A Tree

Our daughter loves cats, so I introduced her to the musical Cats. It was my first broadway show back in the 80’s, my mother took me to see it at the Winter Garden Theater in NYC. I loved it! I really hope that they bring it back so that I can bring our daughter to see it on Broadway because there’s nothing like it!

So, we took her to see it at The Kelsey Theater at The Mercer County Community College, and she loved it. It wasn’t quite like the broadway show, but regardless, it was really good! For about a year she’s been wanting to be Rumpleteazer from this musical. My husband found a tutorial online for the costume, he works nights and had her help,  and he did the makeup,  below is the result:


RumpleteazerCostume_DeirdreRyanPhotography1 RumpleteazerCostume_DeirdreRyanPhotography4 RumpleteazerCostumeandTheJoker_DeirdreRyanPhotographyThis one is right before she was in the Halloween Parade with her Girl Scout Troop. That’s my husband, he loves to dress up, and have fun.



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