Hello! I’m Deirdre, a commercial and editorial branding image maker for businesses and corporations, no matter how big or small. Making my clients laugh and feel comfortable is one of my many skills.

Besides being with my family, I am a member of our church choir that with my mother, my husband and our daughter we sing with the Mass on Sundays,  While I do I love Pilates, Barre, yoga and other forms of working out, I’ve just recently after 25 years, I’ve gone back into formal equestrian training and this time, my daughter and I are training together. If I wasn’t a professional photographer, I would be riding professionally as a show jumper and in dressage.  I’m a bookworm, a musicophile, adequate knitter, and just being outside is an awesome thing to do. Back in the day I was a classically trained pianist, an avid rollerblader, involved in high school theater, a painter, volunteered with many projects, skied, and was an equestrian show jumper.

I don’t have to tell you that I’m a photographer.  You’ve figured that out for yourself.  But let me tell you what I do differently from any other photographer you’ve met so far.  As a professional branding photographer my business is your business.  I put you in the best possible light so that you can present your brand to your customers and partners with confidence.

Here are just a few questions that I ask my clients:

What is your next horizon for your company?  Where are you headed? Who needs to see you doing that? Magazines, tv shows, online media? Who is on your team to help present you visually? How are you insuring that your images and presence are the caliber that agencies and publications expect?

Let’s face it, we know how important branding is and that means the images that exist online and in print of you and your business need to tell a carefully crafted story.  That’s what I do.  When I meet with you my only goal is present you in the way you want the world to see you.

While everyone’s story is important and I photograph all professionals I specialize in professional women.  From entrepreneurs to corporate executives, as a woman in business your image becomes your brand.  Managing your brand includes the message you want to convey through photographs; on your website, your LinkedIn, your business cards, wherever you show up.

For almost two decades I’ve been working with professionals in presenting their brand; from headshots to events to your products and business location.  I can even photograph you in your personal environments in such a way that your image and branding remains consistent.

Let’s connect, you tell me what you are looking for, and let me help you bring that to reality.

I also want to say thank you to Lori Patrick Images for taking the above photo of me!