What Is Branding Photography?

I’ve discussed branding photography a few times before on this website. So let me dive into this a little bit further.

Let’s say that you are a business, whether that be a large corporation or a small brick and mortar that you can walk in and buy something from. You have a logo, you know it, some other people may know it. However unless you’re as big as Nike or Starbucks, your logo may not be as well known as you think.

This is where visual branding photography comes in and why it’s so important. Images speak louder to people than a logo. Images show emotions, they connect instantly, they tell a story, they show your clients who you are, what you do, what you can do for them, where you’re going, and how this helps your clients. Branding photography puts a face in front of the products and services, this makes an instant connection.

Using stock images might work for a little while, but people are savvy and know better. They understand that those images are not who are behind your company and want to see the real people behind your company. Also, many stock images tend to be repeated amongst websites, take a closer look and you’ll see. Why not get images that are custom and geared for what you want instead?

This works for small “mom and pop” business who need to rebrand themselves and personal branding like those who are in network marketing, real estate, hair salons, makeup artists, the list is can go on and on.

Having me as your photographer, I listen first to your needs, work with your marketing team, and then together we create a customized library of images that will not only represent who you are, but will be polished, stunning, match your branding, and ready to be used in print, social media, and video.

Don’t have a marketing team? That’s okay! Everyone needs to start somewhere, if you have a clear idea, then I can help you visualize how you want to be represented online and in person. Social media is the first place people will “meet” you these days, and professional branding photography will have you taken seriously from the very first moment they see you.

Personal and Business Branding Photography-Your potential clients will trust you more when you have professional photographs taken, to tell the story and show them with imagery will win them over. As a professional branding photographer, my business is your business. I put you in the best possible light so that you can present your brand to your customers and partners with confidence.

Are You Ready For A Change? Branding Photography For Your Business

I ask some serious questions that you should be asking yourselves and how it obtains to your branding photography images both online and in print, like your brochures and business cards.

Are you representing yourself in the way that your targeted clients will want to hire you for?



Personal branding photography for Ann Laurie, LLC. What is A Day In the Life Branding Photography For Your Business? It’s where we tell the story of who you are and what your business is about with me documenting your day. As a former photojournalist, I’ll follow you around, taking pictures.

A Day In The Life Branding Photography For Your Business

Here I discuss one of the services that I offer, A Day In The Life Branding for Businesses. This is where I follow my clients around and tell the story of their business visually by documenting it. It’s a lot of fun and people love to see the behind the scenes of how business both small and large work.




Professional Branding Photography ProactiveAdvisorMagazineDougbyDeirdreRyanPhotography-Going on location for an environmental editorial portrait photoshoot is what I’m known for so they gave me the specs that they needed for the article, how many images they needed and how they were planning on using them for the magazine and online.

A Financial Advisor, Boats, and A Summer Day For An Editorial Magazine Article and Cover

I was hired to photograph a financial advisor for the cover of a magazine and the article. Yet the images worked with his branding as well. Going out on location and capturing my clients in their environments or just having fun makes them relatable.




Branding photography for rock and roll bands and musicians.-collaborating, staying true to who they are, their brand, what they wanted for their new album was just awesome. I let them tell me what they wanted, listening to their ideas.

The Successful Failures Album Ichor of Nettle Cover Art Photoshoot

Here I talk about how we met, the process of working and collaborating with the band and their brand to photographing them for their new album cover. Listening to their ideas, and making friends in the process.







Professional Branding Photography Dolores DeGiacomo Founder/President of Power Up!™ Consulting; Speaker, Co-author Ultimate Career Pocket Guide and FrancineParham-Professional SpeakerbyDeirdreRyanPhotography-What I did for Dolores and Francine is help them with their branding.

Photographing An Imaging For A Book

These two entrepreneurs come from the corporate world and work together in speaking engagements. They wrote a book and I worked with them and their branding that represented them both and the book. There’s some behind the scenes images of me taking pictures in this one.




Professional Branding Photography-we collaborated with an idea that he needed very quickly that represented how he wanted his clients to see him and his business online.

Environmental Portraits With DES Home Renovations


Together, Stephen and I came up with a plan on his wardrobe, the place for the photoshoot that would best represent who he is and the brand of his company in the world of construction and renovation.




Yoga And Beauty For All Ages-A Personal Branding SessionPersonal Branding Session For Yoga and Online Dating-I helped her picked out jewelry to go with her two outfits after the yoga portion of the session. Trying out a bunch of things, we had a good time!


This was a personal branding session that was a lot of fun, the goal was to show off that she is a beautiful woman inside and out, but a lover of yoga as well.






Personal branding photography Diverse Style Multicultural Salon. Before we did any shooting, we met up to discuss what she wanted for her business. Her branding, colours, logo, vision, etc.

Rebranding For Diverse Style Salon

Businesses that are established go through changes, and sometimes it’s time to rebrand. That’s what happened here only Diverse Style Salon is also franchising. This was a two day photoshoot, what you see will be Day One, Day Two will be revealed soon, stay tuned!

I had a lot of fun with a multiple looks personal branding session with Amanda in the studio and my assistant was kind enough to get some video of my working with her.  The music was playing on my cell phone to my wireless speaker, but it appears that when you start recording with video, it stopped.

Amanda's Personal Branding Session Photo by Deirdre Ryan Photography


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