Personal Branding Photography Session For Douglas Herring Attorney at Law Part One

Douglas has been a client of mine for quite a while now. I first photographed he and his family and then a headshot later on. He was in need of new images for his law office in Princeton so a branding session was the best fit for what was needed. We spoke on the phone and in person over a nice sushi lunch, then we chose the date and time for his photoshoot. We actually have another date planned to continue, but we need to find a good location first.

We agreed to capturing Doug working, details in his office, showing people that while there are times when you need a Defense Attorney, and that it’s a scary for most, he wanted to portray who is is in person. A friendly, honest man who will do everything he can to help you. These are his stories.

Below are a sampling of a mixture of his favorites and mine from that day. It didn’t feel like work at all because it was a lot of fun(well minus the moving my gear in and out of the car and all over the place LOL). I brought in Elinchrom portable Ranger Quadra studio lights that I rented from BorrowLenses dot com because right before this photoshoot, I had another one earlier that same day, a headshot in Yardley, PA. I knew that what I needed, flashes weren’t going to cut it and I needed more power.

He loves to go outside, be with his family, so the last location of the day was a beautiful park that had a wide open field. Of course the sun was directly overhead, so with a little maneuvering and putting the light on full power and a Softlighter II modifier, I achieved the look I wanted for him.
IMG_0049DouglasHerringAttorney 1.jpg

The best part about these images is that he now has a stock library that is custom made for just him to use however he wants to, in print, social media, video, etc.

Below are some behind the scenes taken with my iPhone SE that I uploaded to my Instagram feed. We also did some goofy selfies, that’s Doug’s sister who is amazing and helped keep everything organized that day. Thank you both so much for making my job easier!

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