NJPAC Annual MLK Awards Ceremony Event-NJ Event Photography

Working with the NJPAC in Newark, NJ is always fun. I get to meet the most wonderful people, and see those who I’ve worked with before. Part of their events such as this, are the inspiring speakers and their speeches. Not to mention the talented singing of the choir. As one who also sings, I truly appreciate them. Part of me wishes that I could join them in song 🙂

During the Martin Luther King Jr. event, they hand out awards to those who make a difference in the community. The two people honored that night were, Gloria Buck who recieved the Steward of the Dream Award and Ryan P. Haygood, Esq., who recieved the Visionary of the Future Award.  It’s also my job to get photos of the people who are amongst the sponsors of NJPAC, and with the help of some individuals, I am able to find out who they are, what table they’re sitting at and get a group photo of them.

This particular evening, the weather was less than cooperative. There was icy rain/snow on the roads, the traffic on the NJ Turnpike was a mess. A lot of guests were running late. Before the awards ceremony, everyone eats dinner, and then afterwards they hold a performance in the main theater. it was a packed house!  As a matter of fact, they had a full room, so full in fact, they had to bring in extra tables and chairs. The theater had other activities going on, so they gave me  a dressing room for me to keep everything in, set up my laptop to do a quick edit on images that they wanted for a Press Release. My husband accompanied me as my assistant. Parking the car, keeping track of my gear for me, etc.

The weather outside was raw, wet, and cold, the atmosphere indoors was warm, welcoming and full of hope.

Please read the Press Release in this link from NJ Stage.

All images copyright Deirdre Ryan Photography. It is unlawful to copy, steal or otherwise download these in any way. 

Thank you to everyone at NJPAC!



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