6 Months of Cuteness for the L. Family

I know Molly and Clint from photographing their wedding back in October 2012. I may not photograph weddings anymore, but as with most of my clients, we hit it off and stayed friends.

They had been struggling to start a family and then they heard of a little baby who was to be up for adoption, they got to welcome her into their arms as a newborn. I know what that’s like, as we struggled for years, and had just signed the paperwork to start the adoption process as our Plan B, when our daughter finally became the miracle we were praying for to become pregnant with.

I do portraits for family and children on private referrals now and I am always honored to have these kinds of clients. These are the moments that you can’t get back and having a professional take the pictures far outweighs using a cell phone or a relative with that “fancy camera”.

Originally we were going to meet in a park along the Delaware River, but it got too windy and cold. So at the last minute, we decided to go to their home. I contemplated different areas, and then we decided simple was best. We had already planned on the chalkboard, so I wrote out her name and how old she was. She is the sweetest baby girl and loves to make sounds like she’s trying to blow them out of her mouth. I well remember this age and it’s a lot of fun! The weather was still chilly but not like it was before and so we got some images in the front of their home.


Just look at that face <3
IMG_4499LeeFamilybyDeirdreRyanPhotography.com 1.jpg
IMG_4512LeeFamilybyDeirdreRyanPhotography.com 1.jpg

First Halloween!
IMG_4848 1TheLeeFamilybyDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com-2.jpg

Her adoption has been finalized last month and just in time for their 5th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations everyone!!!



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