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The River Towns Photo Project

Back in February,  I got a slew of Facebook private messages and emails from my friends, regarding a project that was in the newspaper and online. Photographers Wanted For Delaware River Towns Project “The intent of the Earth Day Weekend-long photo shoot being held April 22 and 23 is to capture the unique character of the towns that […]

An Intimate Evening With Local Band The Successful Failures-NJ Music Photographer

The Successful Failures are lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Mick Chorba, Rob Martin on drums, lead guitarist Pete Smith and Ron Bechamps on bass. They’re a local Indie-Rock, Americana singer-songwriter, rock-n-roll band based in Chesterfield, NJ with quite a large following.  We met about a year or so ago when they opened for Men Without […]

Photoshoot of Candidate for City of Bordentown Commissioner-NJ Branding Photographer

I met John Brodowski a couple of times before and we hit it off. He’s born and raised in this town, we’ve both lived in other areas, and have come back. Like many people, this past presidential election has made them feeling very doubtful. But this has turned out to be a good thing, causing […]

Tango Dreaming at Princeton University-NJ Music Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph my friend Wendy Zoffer and Federico Puebla before they performed at one of the Princeton University Eating Clubs. The day before I get a phone call from Wendy. Someone was supposed to take their pictures but wasn’t able to make it. So I said sure, I had an opening and […]

Our Community Stands Together With Immigrants and Against Fear-NJ Editorial Photographer

My friends Jen, Becky, and others put together a peaceful Candlelight Vigil Honoring Refugees and Immigrants. A little over 100 people showed up, that’s huge since this only went out via email, social media and perhaps a few phone calls. I quote from the description of the event: “For much of its history, Bordentown has been […]