The Women’s March in Washington, D.C. Part 4

I continued to walk when I heard music and saw these three protesting something. Naturally curious, I asked what was going on. Bikers For Trump were behind them. Okay and then on cue someone walked by saying something totally awful to these three because of who they were protesting, etc. Unbelievable.

So I went to check it all out.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210796.jpgThey were playing music from an iPod(I think) and Kid Rock’s Cowboy played twice. I thought it was funny, because I kind of like that song, but wondered what that had to do with anything.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210812.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210819.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210826.jpgThe two people here in the middle were pretty cool to chat with, we spoke about music and I was digging her boots 🙂
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210828.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210834.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210854.jpgAll in all, it was very peaceful, some heated discussions, but that was to be expected.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210855.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210872.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210881.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210884.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210890.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210898.jpg I showed them my Press Pass and was polite, taking photos. I’ve found that being friendly with everyone is the best thing, no matter what. We all have a voice and a right to be heard.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210913.jpg
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210915.jpgA young man(he appeared to be of Latino background) from Georgia and this woman were having a discussion about slavery.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210919.jpgHe then had to back off and Google Jim Crow….
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210937.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210948.jpgHere she is with her three fabulous and beautiful friends, just like her 😀 You had just educated someone that day, remember that.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210953.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210963.jpgWomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210977.jpgDon’s Johns were locked up in this area. You may have heard or read about someone covering up the logo for the Inauguration?
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210979.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210986.jpgPeople were leaving their signs in places to be noticed, in remembrance…
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1210990.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211010.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211017.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211018.jpgMother and daughter….
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211024.jpg This woman’s granddaughter made her sign for that day, it’s one of my favorites too.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211043.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211045.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211054.jpgThe sun was setting, the clouds were grey, the light was fading fast. But my lens was fast as well to continue to capture this family in front of Abe Lincoln’s statue at the top of the stairs of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211056.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211066.jpgThese two best little girlfriends at the end of a long day with their signs.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211072.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211080.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211086.jpgThe line at the Metro station in front of the Archives Building was long!
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211087.jpg WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211090.jpg The King of The Metro!
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211092.jpgCan you see the people waay in the back? Yeah that’s part of the line.
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211111.jpgI don’t know where to begin either….
WomensMarchWashDC2017Deirdre Ryan PhotographyP1211113.jpgBut as a business, I do have to pay my taxes every quarter and every year….

No arrests were made.

Half a million people were in Washington D.C. that day. 

Millions more worldwide marched. 

The Women’s March was an historic event that I will never forget.My sister-in law was there with her daughter, my niece. My aunt and uncle were also there. I only wish that my daughter, husband and other family members could’ve been with me.

My group from NJ had left on their bus, there was no way that I was going to be able to make it. Luckily, I have an aunt and uncle that live in Arlington right off the orange line of the Metro. I didn’t plan to stay overnight, much less 2 nights. As it turned out, I wasn’t able to get a train out of town until Monday morning.

I met so many interesting people, and those that I handed my cards to, I hope that you are reading my blog posts. Please comment and contact me! The group of women that I was photographing for, we met up to eat dinner. I couldn’t find a cab, so I got a rickshaw near the Post Office Pavilion. That is my favorite landmark in the city of D.C. and it’s now A. Hotel….I’ve been told by a women whom I met right before getting on my rickshaw, that it does look great inside, she works for the historic preservation of the building(thanks again for the cheese and grapes!).  The guy getting me to dinner was great, he was in the Army, and  from Pittsburgh, PA. He once had Drew Cary as a customer, and said that he was really nice. I’ve heard that too.

Yes, I’m loading images using my Wacom tablet, backing them up onto a portable hard drive. Dinner was fun, delish, and full of satisfying conversation. Thank you Karen for the photo!

Sunday I went to Mass at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, this is where we go, my aunt and uncle do many things with the parish. Holy Trinity is my church away from home. After Mass, Mark Shriver was having a talk about his new book with a Q&A and then a book signing afterwards. I really enjoyed listening to him speak, every sentence was a story. I asked him a question regarding his own challenges, writing, and moving forward with this subject even further. I meant to say branching off, but I didn’t get the words out quite the way I wanted to.

Book Signing with Mark Shriver after talking about his new book titled, “Pilgrimage, My Search For The Real Pope Francis” at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Mark Shriver signing his book for my father, and then one for myself.

My uncle took this photo for me with my cell phone.

The rest of that Sunday was quiet, dark and stormy. I worked on my images, drank chai tea and noshed. Spoke to my family in NJ and relaxed as well as I could. The next morning I caught my train at Union Station. These I shot with my iPhone SE.

On the train, it was really crowded, sold out! But everyone was nice, helping each other out. I got some work done, and started to read Mark’s book.

The train was bouncing around a bit…I was punch drunk tired…but not able to sleep, so reading was the perfect anecdote. Getting off at the Trenton, NJ Amtrak/NJTRANSIT station was brisk and windy. No I’m not having a baby, my jacket is puffed out LOL!  But I wanted to show you the size of my 25lb bag on me. This is how I was during the entire march. I walked, climbed on top of things, and at one point, jogged/ran.  Being a mother, I still had things to do, errands to run and a daughter to pick up from school who was incredibly happy to see her mommy <3 I didn’t sleep until later that night. 
A HUGE thank you to Becky who organized the bus and everything to get us all down there, the women of,(I miss you ladies already!), everyone whom I met and had conversations with, especially the women who lives in/near Union Station, my fingers are crossed for you. Another big hug and thank you to my aunt and uncle who I was able to stay with. Thank you both for EVERYTHING, I love you so very much!

And of course, THANK YOU to my husband, my daughter and my parents. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to have gone down. I love you all <3

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