The Florence High School Class of 2014

Florence High School, in Florence, NJ held their graduation ceremony for the Class of 2014 on Friday, June 20th, 2014. I have photographed this event before for The Register News and so far each time, the weather has been gorgeous. It’s always held outside on their football field.

Each time I am assigned to a graduation ceremony, I’m reminded of mine from 1991. How could you not be thinking about this? Sure I was thinking of the correct exposures for shooting into the sun with my camera and flash. But I see how these young adults are going out into the real world and wonder about their future. Some had scholarships to college, while others were entering the military, or starting to work right away before they decided what they wanted to do next. Their world is their oyster and they have a lifetime to make something of it.








Principal John M. Corgan gives his Welcome speech to everyone.












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