The 5th Annual Green Fair in Bordentown, NJ

The 5th Annual Green Fair was held on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at the Carslake Community Center in Bordentown City. Many vendors were there to show off their eco-friendly items and products that they make or sell from companies. There were demonstrations, activities for children, food, and much more.

Cynthia assists Kinsey with drilling a bottle cap into a large mural that empowers the next generation of environmentally conscious and creative citizens. This project is by MAD Splatter, a local non profit organization that exposes children to the world through the eyes of others and help them draw a connection between community service and self-enrichment. They create parties for children to teens to celebrate the art of Making A Difference. 



Dan Weekes of Pollination Station, holds Nellie, a rescued possum. The Green Fair was her first public appearance. She developed Metabolic Bone Disease, due to an improper diet. Nellie was brought to a local wildlife rescue and then was transferred to Pollination Station to be used as a wildlife ambassador. Due to her Metabolic Bone Disease, she cannot be released back into the wild.

The Clara Barton Elementary PTO Committee, Friends of The Ecological Schoolyard at Clara Barton, showcased their plans to transform the blacktop at Clara Barton School to an Ecological Schoolyard. Phase One has already been approved.


Jaime of Bordentown City, participated in a dance routine by the Tehani Mid-East and Polynesian Dance Company.



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