Bordentown Rotary Club Young Professionals-Walk 4 Recovery-Love The Addict, Hate The Disease-Covered by Photojournalist Deirdre Ryan

Last night, I volunteered my photography services with my local Rotary Club for the first Walk 4 Recovery(#walk4recovery). We all met at Hope Hose Humane Co. 1 Firehouse, which is literally steps from my home. The night was cold, our breaths made clouds in the air, but the common ground we all stood upon was one to last and encourage.

This walk was also to support those fighting against addictions, which is a disease, their families and friends who are helping them. To get rid of the stigma of addiction.

I saw many who have lost family members, and friends to addiction, a lot of familiar faces. One family here in Bordentown have lost a son and, very recently, lost a daughter to addiction.

Our local police blocked off the streets, making it safe for us to walk. This was all made possible by volunteers, from the t-shirts, the food, everything.  Bill Mercantini, our Bordentown Rotary Club President spoke, then Mayor Lynch. Angelique Flynn spoke of her struggles with addiction, who is now 8 years sober. Father Matt Tucker offered a prayer and spoke out at least 50 names of those lost or struggling. This walk was enormous for its the first time, I think about 200 people attended.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

The article below is from The Burlington County Times, their reporter, Kelly Kultys and photographer Dave Hernandez, covered the event, as well as The Register-News(which is now back).

Bordentown residents walk for recovery

By Kelly Kultys

Posted Nov 14, 2018 at 9:40 PM Updated Nov 14, 2018 at 10:41 PM

The Bordentown Rotary Club and the Young Professional Rotary Club of Bordentown hosted the first Candlelight Walk as a way to help break the stigma of addiction.

BORDENTOWN CITY — “I walk for …” signs covered the backs of hundreds of people Wednesday night as they walked with candles in hand around the city.

The crowd gathered together for the first Rotary4Recovery walk, aimed at helping break the stigma of addiction and recovery.

Dawn Walton, of Mansfield, was walking for her son Boomer who passed away on Aug. 12 after he struggled with addiction.

“It’s great to see everyone come together and support this,” she said.

The walk was organized by the Young Professional Rotary Club of Bordentown, a new group formed out of the Bordentown Rotary, which began earlier this year.

Co-chairs Hillary Moore and Katrina Brophy, both of Bordentown City, said they thought it was important to get everyone together and show they supported those in recovery.

“I personally have lost someone to addiction,” Moore said.

That’s why she said it was important to get a large crowd together to “break the stigma” that those with addiction face.

Bill Mercantini, the president of the Bordentown Rotary, said the event had been a vision of his for a while and he was glad to be a part of the walk for those in recovery.

“I’m walking for Nick,” he said, referring to a family member.

For many of those in attendance, the loss from addiction weighed heavily on their minds as they walked. Michelle Trogdon, of Hamilton, Shannon Sticca, of Bordentown Township, and Chris Millington, of Bordentown Township, said between their family and friends they lost three people to overdoses within a three-week span over the summer.

Millington said it was great to see more than 200 people turn out for the walk.

“It’s so awesome and the thing is, it’s a sad thing and it’s a good thing, we know everyone here pretty much and it’s kind of sad because we’re all so connected,” she said.

For Angelique Flynn, of Burlington City, being a part of the walk allowed her to share her story to try and inspire others in recovery.

“I’m active in the community as a volunteer,” she said. “I own my business, I teach yoga. I am a homeowner and I live a truly amazing life and I’m so blessed to have it. I tell you all of this because this wasn’t always my story.”

She recalled trying to fill a void in her life and never being quite able to do so.

“My favorite thing to use was drugs,” she said.

Eventually, she was able to get into a 12-step program and now has been sober for eight years, but she still sees how addiction is affecting her community.

“The longer I stay clean, the more people I’ve lost,” she said.

Bordentown City Mayor Jim Lynch said the best way to try and tackle the problem is to come together for events like the walk to show that the community members support each other.

“You have no better cooperation than we have right now between the two municipalities (Bordentown City and Bordentown Township),” he said.

Lynch highlighted the work of resident Kevin Moore, who has been active with Bordentown Residents Against Drugs, and currently serves as the Bordentown Township/City Municipal Alliance Coordinator, for his work to bring resources and awareness to those struggling.

Before the walk, a list of more than 50 names of people both living and deceased who had battled or were battling addiction was read so that those walking would have them on their minds.

Here are some of the images that I took the other night:

Toscanos donated their fabulous Mac-N-Cheese!

Hampton Behavior Health Center

Sundays Catering

Bill Mercantini our Bordentown Rotary Club President.

Bordentown Mayor Lynch

Angelique Flynn

Hilary Moore of the Young Professionals Bordentown Rotary Club.

Father Matt Tucker

Hilary Moore asking for a moment of silence before heading out.

Once again, thank you all for participating and volunteering. This event I think will be even bigger next year.

Yours In Rotary,


My Personal Favorite Images of 2016

As we begin 2017, I want to acknowledge all of my clients who helped make 2016 a success.  First, thank you for your business and for the opportunity to help in creating and presenting your business brand. Here’s to your continued success. For my future clients I look forward to working with you and doing the same.

Happy 2017!

These are in no particular order, just my favorites from 2016.
jkorl_by deirdre-ryan-photography

This was for a husband and wife team, they needed images for their website and branding for their new business. One is a personal trainer and the other is a therapist and life coach. Working with them beforehand, they knew what they wanted, and it ended up being an amazing environmental photoshoot! jkorl_by deirdre-ryan-photography


Christine who is a sleep consultant, photographed in her home office and in her yard. In her home office, her true personality shone with her witty sense of humor. Click here to see the full session.

Happy Woman by Deirdre Ryan Photography

My dear friend, Roseanne, let me photograph her one day, trying out some new techniques that I wanted to try. They show off the two sides of her, both are strong women, but in different ways. Strong Woman in Black and White by Deirdre Ryan Photography

Real Estate Salesman Headshot by Deirdre Ryan Photography

A real estate salesman needed his headshot like “yesterday”. This is his second career after many years doing something else. I didn’t have time to get set up in my studio, so I did this in my living room/foyer. He loved it, and so did I, it shows his true awesome personality.

GOTR by deirdre-ryan-photography08

Our daughter ran her first 5K with Girls on the Run(GOTR), when she was in the 4th grade. They work with the girls each week to empower, embrace, and create a positive place for the girls to achieve something that they may have never done before. Here you see my husband spraying her hair purple, and then later they had facial paint and accessories to have fun with before the race. She finished, even beat her practice run time, we were so proud of her! Dr. Sarah Meanor by Deirdre Ryan Photography

My friend Dr. Sarah Meanor is a Chiropractor and hired me to photographer her and the office for her website. I love this image as she is working on a patient’s back and shoulders.

Protesters With Child At Hillary Clinton Rally Philly, PA-Deirdre Ryan Photography

The day before the 2016 Presidential Election, I was fortunate to drive down to Philadelphia, PA with some friends to see and hear President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton speak in front of Independance Hall with roughly over 30K people. We couldn’t get very close, but I did capture this image of a child singing how we were all going to Hell as sinners, etc., with an extreme “Christian” group. You see plain clothed PPD officers guarding them. I can only assume the man with her is her father. And I say it like that because as a liberal Catholic, I don’t believe God would like this at all.

ocnj by deirdre-ryan-photography354

We spent a week in Ocean City, NJ over the summer, got horrible news about a dear friend passing unexpectedly the day we were traveling down. The next day we had a wonderful photoshoot with my friend. The image above is this young lady’s first time ever flying a kite.

ocnj by deirdre-ryan-photography200

Every morning in Ocean City, NJ I woke up early, got my coffee at OC Coffee Roasters on the boardwalk and read my book on the beach. This one morning, the sun and the clouds made it look “almost” like the afternoon golden hour sunset.

Headshot for mholland deirdre-ryan-photography42

The above image was for at first a dating profile, but then became a lovely collaboration for yoga and a gorgeous glam shot outside!

Headshot for metamorphoses panagiota deirdre-ryan-photography7

Another collaboration for marketing and branding. I love this because she is sitting in a bronze statue on Princeton University campus, the colours, her expression, she is such a free spirit! Click here to see the full session.

Canoeing on Crosswicks Creek-Photo by Deirdre Ryan Photography

We went canoeing on the Delaware River and Crosswicks Creek with our daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. I love how the light hits them both, so peaceful as we were rowing back. Male Natural Light Headshot-img_8632deirdre-ryan-photography4

I shot these headshots during a workshop and I just love how they turned out. All natural lighting, indoors, and working with these gentleman turned into great images, and I can work anywhere. Male Natural Light Headshot-deirdre-ryan-photography6

chris christie,fairness,formula,bordentown,nj,hope hose humane co 1 -deirdre-ryan-photography107

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to my hometown and did his town hall meeting. He was there to discuss his Fairness Formula to NJEA teachers, staff, residents of Bordentown, and those from other towns. I love this because it shows how he sometimes talks to people, there was another person who asked hard questions that he didn’t seem to like either. But when he talks, he asks for no interruptions.

Delaware Canal,Olympus OM-D E-M5 MARK II,PA,Photo By Deirdre Ryan Photography,autumn,fall,foliage,mirrorless camera,path,trees,The day after the Presidential Election, I was really feeling down and depressed. I’m still not okay, but that day I went for a walk shot some images…. The woman just happened to be jogging right past me and I found it perfect. Reminding me that we need to move, and make a difference in our own ways to get things done.
Bordentown Township,Great Dane,Photo By Deirdre Ryan Editoral and Commercial Photography,autumn,dog portrait,fall,golden hour,puppy,sunset,I was bored one day, and needed to get out of the house. I did a model call on Facebook, and my clients gave me a call to photograph their new puppy. I had done their portraits before with all three of their Great Danes when they had their oldest, but unfortunately he passed away. They knew that his day was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier…I used two kinds of lighting with each image. The first, I adore the look George was giving his owner in the golden sunset light. In the second, I used 2 lights and in post I Photoshopped the leash out of the image, it gives him a regal look.
Bordentown Township,Great Dane,Photo By Deirdre Ryan Editoral and Commercial Photography,autumn,dog portrait,fall,golden hour,puppy,sunset,
Bordentown,Ghostbuster's ECTO - 1 Car,NJ,Photo By Deirdre Ryan Photography,Randy Now's Man Cave,summertime,My dear friend Randy brought one of the Ghostbuster’s ECTO – 1 that was used in the new movie that came out over the summer.
cinematic headshot,outdoor headshot,on location headshot,business portrait,Tucker Distinctive Kitchens,Photo By Deirdre Ryan Photography,I love the look of the these headshots that I did in the park for my fellow networking business colleagues.  They are bright, pleasing and make my clients look amazing. Click here to see the full post!
IMG_4695.jpgOur daughter is a Junior Girl Scout and every year, she and many other troops as well as Boy Scouts from all over, come together to place flags on the graves of veterans at the Brigadier General  William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Wrightstown, NJ. The image below is with my father, her grandfather, a Ret. Lt. Col. Army.

Deirdre Ryan Commercia and Editorial Photography,MLK,Martin Luther King Celebration,NJ,NJPAC,New jersey Perfoming Arts Center,Newark,,

My clients, NJPAC, invited me to photograph their Martin Luther King event. I had been there before for their Kwanzaa event, and each time I’m there, I have such a good time! The energy of the choir director for the children’s choir is amazing.Killer Triple Bill Concert-randynowmanthedoughboys2016deirdre-ryan-photography158Randy Now brings a lot of great acts and musicians to our area. This was the Killer Triple Bill Concert at the Performing Arts Center in Bordentown, NJ. Here you see The Doughboys, Jet Weston and His Atomic Ranch Hands and The Sharkskins. I get my rock photo influences from the 60’s and 70’s and I like to work this into my work.
Killer Triple Bill Concert-jetwestonandhisatomicranchhandsdeirdre-ryan-photography80 Killer Triple Bill Concert-The Sharkskins-August 13 2016,Bordentown,NJ,Performing Arts Theater,Photo By Deirdre Ryan Photography,Randy Now's Man Cave presents,The Sharkskins,local,rock and roll,

1950's,Bordentown City,Deirdre Ryan Editoral and Commercial Photography,NJ,Phoenix Rising Clothing Store,pin up. teaser,props,retro,studio lighting,,

These in yellow I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph these beautiful women in pin up genre, it was full of playing dress up with the clothes, makeup and hair. This was in a local store in my town and I hope to do this again as it was a lot of fun and the women all enjoyed themselves.  1950's,Bordentown City,Deirdre Ryan Editoral and Commercial Photography,NJ,Phoenix Rising Clothing Store,pin up. teaser,props,retro,studio lighting,, 1950's,Bordentown City,Deirdre Ryan Editoral and Commercial Photography,NJ,Phoenix Rising Clothing Store,pin up. teaser,props,retro,studio lighting,, 1950's,Bordentown City,Deirdre Ryan Editoral and Commercial Photography,NJ,Phoenix Rising Clothing Store,pin up. teaser,props,retro,studio lighting,, 1950's,Bordentown City,Deirdre Ryan Editoral and Commercial Photography,NJ,Phoenix Rising Clothing Store,pin up. teaser,props,retro,studio lighting,,

My daughter photographed by me, Deirdre Ryan Photography in Asbury Park, NJ.

We went to Asbury Park, NJ with friends and I was able to get this shot of our daughter <3  She is my world!


Ask anyone who knows me, I love cars! And lucky for me, we have an annual car show right here in Bordentown, NJ and I get to volunteer for it!

Lisa Traugott-She's Losing It-Egg Whites International By Deirdre Ryan Editorial & Commercial Photography - NJ, PA, NY

This is my dear and one of my best friends, Lisa. We have known each other since HS, she was a Freshman, I was a Sophomore and now lives in Austin, TX. She was in town for barely 2 days, but made time to see friends. We took a few moments for a fun shoot, this was right before a bikini body competition, and I had to spray her with a lot of bug spray LOL!

St. Patrick's Day 5K Race Bordentown, NJ Deirdre Ryan Portrait & Editorial Photography - NJ, PA, NY

The Bordentown Board Of Education asked me to photograph their Annual St. Patrick’s 5K Run. I love this because it shows my friend helping his daughter with her shoelaces right before the race is about to begin.

Stephanie Breedlove giving a lecture in 2016 for NAWBO-NYC Chapter by Deirdre Ryan Headshot & Portrait Photography - NJ, PA, NY

I was invited to photograph the NAWBO-NYC Chapter’s 3 Hour Boot-Camp-Full Morning To Grow Your Business at the Microsoft Building in NYC and they had a fabulous guest speaker, Stephanie Breedlove. She had just sold her company and hearing her speak as a woman entrepenuer was inspiring. Grand Opening of Princeton's Pinot's Palette Photo by Deirdre Ryan Photography

This last image was for my first clients of last year, Pinot’s Palette of Princeton. They had their Grand Opening, and I was invited to photograph the event.

Christie Works The Fairness Formula Around Protestors in Town Hall Meeting

First off, I am no longer with a news outlet, so when I was called to attend this town hall meeting, I originally thought it was to cover this for a media outlet.  😉

Hope Hose Humane Fire Company is literally down the street from me, so I got my cameras, and photographed the protesters on Burlington and Willow St. And then I went inside, thinking that I would have to go and sit down, but I was pleasantly surprised to be allowed to photograph with the press and media. I did explain who I was and who I used to be with(The Packet Publication and that I am now a freelance commercial photographer), I gave my business card to the gentlemen and then settled down in a spot. I am really thankful and grateful to have been allowed to do this today.

I saw a lot of people that I knew, including Mayor of Bordentown City, Joe Malone, Ziggy Targonski, Mayor of Bordentown Township, Jill Popko, and many others in the community.

New Jersey State Governor, Chris Christie stopped by Bordentown, NJ to explain his Fairness Formula to NJEA teachers, staff, residents of Bordentown, and those from other towns. He’s calling for a fixed $6,599 in state aid per student. Supposedly this would greatly reduce property taxes in our town, which are enormous, and in other towns. Bordentown Regional School District spends about $19,851 per student and we have a graduation rate of 88.5 percent, while Asbury Park spends about $33,609 per student and their graduation rate isn’t as high, just 66 percent.

I quote David Levinsky, staff writer for the Burlington County Times:
“He said the state’s 31 poorest districts haven’t made substantial improvements in three decades, despite receiving millions in additional aid.”If money were the solution alone to this problem, those 31 districts would be the crown jewel of public education in America,” he said. “I’m tired of hearing the fiction that money will solve the problem.

“Christie was challenged during the town hall-style event on West Burlington Street by several audience members, among them Sue Altman, of Camden, who got into a lively back-and-forth debate with the governor after asking how the city’s school district would be able to provide a suitable education to students once millions of aid are phased out. “You can’t get blood from a stone. There’s no money in Camden. Where are you going to get it from?” Altman asked.

Christie pointed to the success of charter schools in Camden, saying they have had tremendous success with much less state funding. When Altman began to interrupt, Christie tossed his microphone to her. “I would love for the miracle of charter schools to come in and swoop in and save the day. I’d love it, and I’d be the first person to send my child there. But they do not serve the same demographic of children as the regular public schools. They don’t spend the same amount of money,” Altman said, pointing to the private dollars raised by some charter schools in Camden. ”We’re not talking apples to apples here,” she said, before throwing the microphone back to the governor.

Christie responded that charter schools have used different rules, approaches and methods of teaching to achieve better results, but that traditional public schools have refused to adopt similar changes, such as a longer school day or school year because of their teachers unions and collective bargaining agreements.

“There’s lots of bargains that could be made if compromise was available. But longer school days and longer school years have consistently been off the table. Because when the Legislature has proposed these types of things, we have seen the crowd come to Trenton to lobby against it,” he said.”

There were a lot of protesters from the NJEA(New Jersey Educational Association) which is the statewide union for teachers. They claim that this Fairness Formula is not fair and that it creates a disservice to the urban school districts while the suburban districts maintains funding for charter schools at the expense of the many traditional public schools in our great state.

ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography2 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography1 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography3 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography4 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography5 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography6 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography8 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography9 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography10 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography11 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography12 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography13 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography14 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography15 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography19 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography22 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography23 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography24 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography27 ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography28

Bordentown Township’s Mayor Jill Popko.
ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography29

First Mayor Joe Malone of Bordentown City came out to introduce the Governor, and then Governor Chris Christie came in and went right into his speech.
ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography35.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography38.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography44.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography47.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography48.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography51.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography54.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography55.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography57.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography58.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography59.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography60.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography65.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography64.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography63.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography61.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography68.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography70.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography71.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography77.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography79.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography81.jpg

This gentleman was from Mount Laurel. NJ and was talking about housing. Not necessarily a question, but Christie seemed to think he was running for something…ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography82.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography88.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography84.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography85.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography86.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography89.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography91.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography98.jpg

This woman had a question regarding retirement and teachers being laid off , I believe, and her mother who was a teacher and had to take a job and continue working even though she was in her 70’s. ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography97.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography95.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography92.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography99.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography101.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography107.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography106.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography105.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography109.jpg

This is Sue Altman of Camden, NJ.ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography134.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography130.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography121-1.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography116-1.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography112-1.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography133.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography122.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography135.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography128.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography104.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography103.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography174.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre Ryan Photography157

Asking about NJ’s gas tax and having a laugh about not having to pump gas in our state and that a poll said that 70% of women didn’t want to pump gas. Having lived in other states when the weather was really hot, freezing or with torrential downpours,, yeah..I don’t want to pump gas in extreme weather. BUT I don’t like waiting around either and actually like having control over how I put fuel into my car. ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography184.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography143.jpg

Talking to woman about incriminating people with drug addiction…ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography144.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography150.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography138.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography152.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography154.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography160.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography171.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography181.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography182.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography180.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography178.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography177.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography167.jpgChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography146.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography147.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography153.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography162.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography166.jpg

Many hands were raised with questions to be answered, but there was limited time. ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography168.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography185.jpg ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography187.jpg

Here are two people getting their picture taken with the Governor. Some were happy with what he had to say about the Fairness Formula. Although it was hard to gauge with quite a few. ChrisChristieFairnessFormulaBordentownNJHopeHoseHumaneCo1Deirdre-Ryan-Photography188.jpg

And some didn’t get the answers they were looking for.

Emotions were high for this town hall meeting, as I’m sure they are for his other ones. There is a LOT at stake for this one.

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