Cowboy Trails, Hard Rocking Sounds to Surfing the Fender Strat

This was a Killer Triple Bill Concert at the Performing Arts Center in Bordentown, NJ hosted by Randy Now on August 13th, 2016. Originally this was supposed to be an HUGE outdoor event in Bordentown Township as a fundraiser. I don’t know what happened but suddenly it had to be indoors and with less than 5 days notice.

For everyone reading, I want you all to know something: Randy puts his heart and soul into everything he does, especially these concerts and events that he does. He loves music, pop culture, and everything that comes along with it. Because of Randy, my daughter and her friends are able to see live bands perform, some of them she loved already like Peter Tork of the The Monkees and expanding her horizons of punk and rock bands.

Bringing famous talent like Peter Tork, Robyn Hitchcock, Men Without Hats, Marshal Crenshaw, he also had a special SOLD OUT  dinner and a concert with Iain Matthews with James Fogarty, The Toasters, and more. I mean Randy has a book that has him all over the inside of it titled: No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes: An Oral History of the Legendary City Gardens, and a movie about him and City Gardens Riot on the Dance Floor: The story of Randy Now and City Gardens Buy the book and dvd at his shop. His place in our town is awesome, and he is a wealth of trivia and stories.

Like I said, I have no idea what happened with the fundraiser or why this concert was suddenly changed, but Randy is a dear friend, and I love the guy a lot and many do as well.

So do this favor for me: patronize his shop, go to his events and concerts, spread the word about all that he is doing. Spread the love and kindness, because he deserves this and so much more. He loves what he does and that to me just awesome <3 -Thanks everyone!

Jet Weston and His Atomic Ranch Hands played songs of cowboy days by the fire as well as Johnny Cash and the blues from the 1930’s. The Doughboys are an incredible NJ rock and roll band that just kills it every time  with their amazing drum and guitar solos, vocals, and now they have a new album coming up. The Sharkskins are a surf rock band that came out strong with Dick Dale’s 1962 Misirlou, complete with trumpet. I was super amped that they played Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps 😀
JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography157.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography164.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography11.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography156.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography162.jpg

Then Jet asked if there were any women who could sing to come up on stage. My friends pointed to me, I asked what key, and so I went on the stage and this did happen. I sang back up to Don’t Let Go. My husband grabbed my Canon Mark 5D III with the 70-200mm 2.8L lens and took these next few photos.
JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography109.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography145.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography111.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography126.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography137.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography118.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography129.jpg

I screwed up a couple of times, but it was a lot of fun, I do sing in my church choir in the Alto section. I was hoping that someone had video of this.JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography152.jpg

Video by Kris Lewis

JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography13.jpgJetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography167.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography183.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography187.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography189.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography191.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography194.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography21.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography28.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography3.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography85.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography83.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography89.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography75.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography77.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography79.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography73.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography67.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography65.jpg JetWestonandHisAtomicRanchHandsDeirdre Ryan Photography96.jpgThen came The Doughboys!
RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography109.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography114.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography111.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography115.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography12.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography119.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography123.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography121.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography125.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography129.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography150.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography161.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography157.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography156.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography163.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography167.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography23.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography47.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography199.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography227.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography38.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography39.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography54.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography5.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography55.jpg RandyNowManTheDoughboys2016Deirdre Ryan Photography63.jpg

Just Like A Yoyo, only better.

Then the main act->>>>>>>The Sharkskins! These guys came blasting out with Dick Dale’s “Misirlou”.RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography1.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography101.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography13.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography19.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography23.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography33.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography27.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography35.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography45.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography47.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography37.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography39.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography49.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography53.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography55.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography61.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography74.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography77.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography80.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography89.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography94.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography99.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography103.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography109.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography91.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography105.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography117.jpgRandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography111.jpg RandyNowManTheSharkskins2016Deirdre Ryan Photography113.jpg

Check out this video of the their final performance that my friend Stephanie shot while I was on the floor in front of the stage photographing the band. BTW she’s a fabulous artist!

I go to these concerts to have fun and photograph them for my own enjoyment. It’s something I love to do, it’s right in my area, and I was able to bring my daughter and her friends to this show. My husband and other friends were there that night too. Yes, I would love the opportunity to photograph band and musicians for big magazines and record labels. If that opportunity comes my way, that would be awesome. Thank you to everyone that night for be great! I can’t wait to see you perform again!

Take a look at their websites and purchase their albums, thanks!

Also a HUGE thank you to Randy Now and everyone who came that night! Come to Bordentown and stop by Randy’s shop and say hello, get some LPs, cds or other great stuff!

All images are Copyright Deirdre Ryan Photography.  They are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Deirdre Ryan Photography.




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