Laughs For The Left Behind, a Benefit for Our Friend, Pat -NJ Photographer

This is a post that needed to be written a long time ago. It’s still difficult because Pat was a friend of ours, a really good childhood friend of my husband’s, best friend of his sister’s and the best friend of my friends here in town. It’s weird, Shannon and I grew up together, then we moved back to Bordentown. My husband and Pat reconnect via Facebook and find out that Shannon’s husband, John, is Pat’s best friend! It was perfect since we all share the same sense of humor, political views, and John and my husband both work in tv.

We found out about Pat’s passing as we were literally driving down to Ocean City, NJ last summer of 2016. I mean I was reading Pat’s posts on FB I think an hour or so before? Next thing I knew, I get a message on FB that he died while my husband was driving. It was horrible and we couldn’t do anything until we reached our destination. I mean at first we thought it was a prank, but no our Ring Master was gone at the young age of 48.

Pat was happily married to his wife Terry and have two amazing boys together. Their wedding was at Madison Square Garden with Pat in full clown makeup from when he was in Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.
To read a great tribute to Pat go here:
There are links to his wedding and more.

The funeral memorial was touching, sad, and full of people cracking jokes and stories. Afterwards we all went to a great place called The Circus Drive In, which is now closed unfortunately.
I found an article about it here

A group of his friend want to do something, so a celebratory comedy show was out together to benefit the family, friends and community.
I quote the article:
The Laughter Arts Foundation (headed up by Michael Rosman) is putting on the event to remember Pat and to raise money for the family and for the clown community.

The evening will be headlined by Tony Award and MacArthur fellowship winner Bill Irwin.
Other performers include:
▪ Archie Cobblepot
▪ Barry Lubin
▪ Circus Stella
▪ Dick Monday & Tiffany Riley
▪ Drew Richardson
▪ Eepybird (Maine)
▪ Greg DeSanto
▪ Hilary Chaplin
▪ Jeff Gordon
▪ Kevin Carr
▪ Mark Gindick
▪ Michael Rosman and others!

It was held at the Seashore Day Camp and School on April 8, 2017 at 7 pm. Pat was, let’s say an avid collector, of all things that had to do with the circus. So there was a silent auction of his collection, people who volunteered to get a shaving cream “pie” in the face, and more.

We brought our daughter to this fabulous event and had an amazing time! I used my Canon 5D Mark III and I let my daughter use my Olympus mirrorless camera outside. The lighting was what it was and while they had an official photographer who used his own lighting, I of course stated out of the way and captured the event from where I was sitting among friends in the front. There is video, but I think it’s still being edited, I’m not sure. But I can’t wait to see it, and I’m not the only one! LOL

Being among so much talent that night and seeing our caught taking it in was amazing. Meeting people and friends that we know via Facebook was great too. And hearing the stories, I mean there should be a book.

I quote the FB Page for the event:
I need to thank a lot of people…I’ll divide them into the audience people, the committee people, the performer people, and the donor people,. In many cases, people were part of more than one group.
I thank the audience and especially the VIP ticket people for buying the tickets and expending the costs and effort to attend. We actually had people who flew in just to see the show. Thank you all.
I want to thank the committee people for sharing the vision and saying ‘yes’ to everything I asked. Committee people included Joey K, Phil, Brenn, Archie, Cybele, Doug, Kevin, Shane Hansen, and Greg
Here is a partial list of some people I’d like to call out for specific help. It includes committee people, performers, and other overall helpful people:
Joey Klein for doing so so so much of the detail work, including handling and posting our social media content, and donating the shaving cream
Damian Blake for the logo,
 Phil DePalo for the background support, the ticket website, handling the finances, and riding shotgun.
 Cybele for driving VIPs Gary Schwartz for playing piano
 Members of the Williams family and Cashin family for many many tasks including airport runs, helping with diet coke setup, babysitting, concessions, clean up, etc
. Doug Young for pipe and drape
Anthony Parziale for the video screen and the poster work
 John Frangio for sound 
Steve Sarafian Photos and Sharon (Stranger Cinematics) video Greg DeSanto for handling the sale of the collection pieces.
 Brenn for waiting patiently till I needed her, then stepping up perfectly, 
Joseph Salamone (and other Shrine Clowns)
Archie and his wife for poster layout work, 
Dexter for picking up 250 whoopie cushions,
 Spencer Dystra and Owen Sahnow – stage  hands/tech
Elmo for being especially handy and helpful
, Shane Hansen and Andrew Scharf
, Joe Holiday for lending me a valuable prop that didn’t make it into the show
Thank you performers, 
Kevin Carr
, Hilary Chaplin
, Greg DeSanto, 
Archie Cobblepot
, Mark Gindick, 
Jeff Gordon, 
Fritz Grobe, 
Bill Irwin, 
Barry Lubin, Joey Klein
, Dan McCallen, 
Dick Monday, 
Harley Newman, 
Tiffany Riley
, Drew Richardson, 
Ethan Rosman
, Sophia Rosman
, Steve Voltz
Doug Young.

The numerous people who donated but didn’t attend ( including these few who donated last minute; Greg May,  Center Ring Circus School, Ted Baumhauer- Flower City Vaudeville, Ted Lawrence- Slapstick Science, The Bindlestiff,  Family Cirkus, and Keith Nelson and Stephanie Monseu personally, Linda DePalo (for buying 140 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke) Randy Cabral and many more.

Many many people donated to the family shortly after Pat died through the GoFundMe site before they knew about this show. We thank them for their support.

Of course we are indebted to John and Sharon Villapiano owners of Seashore Camp and Day School for giving us their space to use, and for bringing in risers and hundreds of chairs, and a mop and bucket.

I’m sure that there are many others I am neglecting to list here, including people who did helpful things that I don’t even know about. May you all know that I appreciate your contributions.
Thank you again Joey , Phil, Sophia, and thank you Terry, Shane, and Jamie”

Warning! There are a LOT of images in this post. I meant a TON! However if you’re a fan of magic and the circus, then this post is perfect because people traveled far and wide to be a part of this event. This is a place for fans, family and friends to see what transpired and the amount of people and amazing talent who came together for Pat and his family. They did have it recorded, and I know that I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see it. I would also love to see the photos from the other photographer, I’m sure that they were amazing!

Now…On With The Show!

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 1-2.jpg

The entertainment started outside with Stephen and Fritz. They are best known for a viral videos on youtube that involves Mentos and Diet Coke.
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 1.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 10.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 3.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 13.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 16.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 19.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 935.jpg

Our daughter took the above and 2 bottom photos with my Olympus. That’s my camera’s flash in the image.
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 936.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 931.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 22.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 23.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 35.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 36.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 40.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 68.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 71.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 73.jpg with one of Pat’s brothers. My husband took a cellphone video of their performance. I’ve never smelled that much Diet Coke in one place at one, and was an amazing experience!

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 80.jpgTerry and the boys with the guys of and that’s John in the background helping to clean up.
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 77.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 956.jpg

My husband took my Olympus for a bit.

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 957.jpg

Terry, myself and I think that’s one of Pat’s brothers.
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 100.jpg

Like I mentioned, I was taking pictures many as a guest and as a family friend. I didn’t want to use my flash if at all possible. But later on, the lights were dimmed and I had to. I think these are in order to the performance, but if they’re not, I apologize in advance. Enjoy, and please, share your thought in the comments section below.

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 81.jpg

Archie Cobblepot  and Joey Klein

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 85.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 87.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 102.jpgMichael Rosman
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 104.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 109.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 111.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 112.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 116.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 120.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 122.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 124.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 125.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 127.jpg

That’s Pat and Terry’s youngest son, he’s quite the showman already <3
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 128.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 131.jpg Drew Richardson
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 132.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 135.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 137.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 140.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 145.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 147.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 151.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 166.jpgDick Monday & Tiffany Riley
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 171.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 177.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 179.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 188.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 192.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 196.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 198.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 200.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 201.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 202.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 203.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 206.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 212.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 213.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 219.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 220.jpgGreg DeSanto and
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 222.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 226.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 227.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 228.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 229.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 230.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 235.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 239.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 240.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 242.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 243.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 255.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 256.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 257.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 258.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 259.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 260.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 261.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 263.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 264.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 265.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 271.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 272.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 273.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 278.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 279.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 280.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 283.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 289.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 291.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 294.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 295.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 296.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 297.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 298.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 299.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 300.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 301.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 304.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 307.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 322.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 326.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 327.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 329.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 334.jpgJeff Gorden
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 336.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 339.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 341.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 344.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 350.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 352.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 354.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 358.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 360.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 364.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 366.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 368.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 378.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 389.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 390.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 392.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 394.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 396.jpg

A celebratory comedy show to benefit the family, friends and community Left Behind by the unexpected July passing of Patrick Cashin.

Apparently our friend John had just the right kind of noggin he was looking for! LOL

We all loved this, his two daughters sitting behind me were cracking up saying look at daddy! I know that my husband was laughing and so was Pat somewhere, laughing his ass off at John.

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 551.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 552.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 554.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 558.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 559.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 560.jpg

Hilary ChaplinLaughsForTheLeftBehind 562.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 563.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 564.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 565.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 566.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 567.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 568.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 569.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 570.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 571.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 572.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 573.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 575.jpg

A celebratory comedy show to benefit the family, friends and community Left Behind by the unexpected July passing of Patrick Cashin.

A celebratory comedy show to benefit the family, friends and community Left Behind by the unexpected July passing of Patrick Cashin.

A celebratory comedy show to benefit the family, friends and community Left Behind by the unexpected July passing of Patrick Cashin.

Bill Erwin, here,  Bill was talking about other clowns taking your ideas and you’re like…..




LaughsForTheLeftBehind 628.jpg

Bill Erwin is known for being Mr. Noodle and in a music video Don’t Worry, Be Happy. But his career is so much more than this and it was amazing to meet and chat with him. This act was great!
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 630.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 632.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 634.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 640.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 643.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 646.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 655.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 656.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 658.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 667.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 671.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 681.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 692.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 695.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 697.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 698.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 703.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 705.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 708.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 709.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 717.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 718.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 719.jpgBill and I 🙂
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 721.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 729.jpgOur daughter was trying something and it didn’t quite work out so my husband got in his trunk of “Old Stuff”.
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 733.jpg I love this images of the four of us, thanks Bill!
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 735.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 741.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 743.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 745.jpgThis is Barry Lubin, “Grandma”, and I remember seeing him perform as a child at Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus.
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 747.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 748.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 754.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 756.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 757.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 758.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 759.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 768.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 770.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 771.jpg

This is our friend Harley Newman, he’s know for quite a few sideshow acts and awesome stuff!

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 480.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 485.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 486.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 488.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 491.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 497.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 500.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 544.jpgCircus Stella with their beautiful rescue dogs!
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 546.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 547.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 549.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 550.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 786.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 788.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 792.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 793.jpgKevin Carr
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 795.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 796.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 797.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 798.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 799.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 804.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 805.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 806.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 807.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 808.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 809.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 810.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 812.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 817.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 818.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 819.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 820.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 821.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 822.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 830.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 832.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 834.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 835.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 836.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 838.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 843.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 844.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 846.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 848.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 850.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 855.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 857.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 858.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 860.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 862.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 863.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 868.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 869.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 870.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 871.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 872.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 873.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 875.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 876.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 880.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 882.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 883.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 886.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 889.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 893.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 896.jpg LaughsForTheLeftBehind 969.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 970.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 898.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 899.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 906.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 905.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 907.jpg

LaughsForTheLeftBehind 908.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 971.jpg LaughsForTheLeftBehind 907.jpg LaughsForTheLeftBehind 909.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 910.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 958.jpg LaughsForTheLeftBehind 960.jpgLaughsForTheLeftBehind 961.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 972.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 973.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 974.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 918.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 923.jpg
LaughsForTheLeftBehind 983.jpg

Thank you to everyone who let me take their pictures that evening. If I made a mistake on a name or website, please let me know. If anyone is interested in an image, just contact me.



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