On Location Business Portrait Shoot In Bordentown, NJ

I was referred to Dr. N by a mutual friend of ours, and his office was literally around the corner from where I live in Bordentown, NJ. I always go prepared for anything, so I pack a basic set of lights, reflectors, and then we get to his office and it's literally so tiny, that when I try a single strobe light, it takes up half of the space(it's one of my smaller ones too!). Luckily there was a nice large window, so we do a little rearranging and I have him sit on the couch with me on on the other end. I use my reflector, we're giggling throughout because it's all so funny and I get the shot he and I were both looking for.

Time Well Spent’s Ann Laurie Fratticcioli – On Location Editorial Branding Photographer

Ann Laurie Fratticcioli is not just a client, but one that I consider a friend. I have photographed her twice before for her business Time Well Spent. Ann is an “concierge and personal errand service and attending to the specific needs of individuals”. She needed business branding photography and that’s what I provided for her.
Recently she was featured in the Moxie Magazine and had an article written about her:
Ladies Who Launch. If you saw this and was wondering who shot it, it was me. It looks great and I highly recommend reading the article.

Burlington County NJ Correction Officers Volunteer For Habitat For Humanity-NJ Photographer

The Burlington County Correction Officers volunteered their time to help build one of the many homes in the area for Habitat For Humanity. They all worked together to finish up this home in Florence, NJ.

It was a great pleasure seeing my friend Jay Dively, whom I’ve known since grade school seeing he and his fellow correction officers volunteer their time with their already full time duties on this home for another family.


Officer Ken Feltoff of Mount Holly, NJ, helps to build this home in Florence, NJ.


Everyone worked together to even out the driveway and prepare it for concrete for this home in Florence, NJ.
L-R:Officer Wendy harrisOfficer Ken Ken Felthoff

Officer Byron Myers

Sgt. Robert Inman

Officer Ann Inman


Officer Jay Dively helps to prepare the driveway for concrete.


In this picture:Sgt. Robert InmanOfficer Ann Inman

Lt. Tommie Farrior

Officer Ken Felthoff

Officer Roberta Addison

Officer Alnessa Rudolph

Officer Jay Dively

Officer Byron Myers

Officer Darrell Salter

Officer Jinja Jones

Officer Wendy Harris

Monica Burke (Administrator Personal)Not pictured are 10 other volunteers from The Burlington Correction Facility.