Ocean City, NJ Part 1

We had just visited my grandfather at Vet’s Memorial Home in Vineland, NJ and driving to Ocean City, NJ to start our family vacation for the week. My friend Veronica, a professional photographer, was coming down the next day to take family portraits of us, Tuesday was my parent’s wedding anniversary, and most of all…we wanted to have fun.

OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography194 OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography196

I saw the message on Facebook’s private messaging app…something like if this was a sick joke..but sadly it wasn’t. Our dear friend Patrick Cashin died suddenly in his home. http://www.clownlink.com/2016/07/rip-pat-cashin/

He was only 47 years old, married to the love of his life, with 2 boys and was a professional clown. His memorial will be this Monday.

We got unpacked at our motel, The Coral Sands, got our daughter settled, and then my husband and I broke down and cried. Pat was his childhood friend, and his sister Lillian’s best friend, so they grew up together. My friend here in Bordentown just so happens to be married to his best guy adult friend, John.

Pat would’ve wanted us to have a great time in spite of what happened. Regardless it was very hard to do, neither of us wanted to be online with Facebook unless it was to interact with our friends about our friend.

So here I will now continue, to post….
I rented the Panasonic Lumix LX 100 and my husband rented a GoPro from www.borrowlenses.com. I didn’t want to walk around with my large DSLR and lenses for this trip.
OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography244 OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography247

So we went to go eat dinner at Ike’s Seafood and then had a gelato at Shriver’s. We stayed up pretty late, but that’s what you do when you’re on vacation down the shore 🙂OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography252 OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography254 OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography256 OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography258 The next morning I woke up wicked early, got my coffee from Ocean City Coffee Company(they were handing out free coffee samples that morning) on the boardwalk, read my book on the beach. Then I met my husband and daughter, and we rode our bike to Ovie’s for breakfast. OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography200.jpgVacationSelfieOceanCityNJiPhoneSEwwwDeirdreRyanPhotography.comOceanCityCoffeeNJbyDeirdreRyanPhotographyiPhoneSE At 8:30AM they raise the flag every morning on top of Maui Wowi’s.
OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography208.jpg

She wanted to wear that thing on her helmet….OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography202.jpgOCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography212.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography240.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography246.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography248.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography250.jpgOCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography252.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography260.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography264.jpg

Later we really just hung out inside our room, getting ready for our photoshoot. It was REALLY humid, so since my mother and I have naturally curly hair, we stayed inside until it was time. We met my friend in front of Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy and Fudge, while we waited I took a few photos. OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography284.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography287.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography316.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography318.jpg

We brought our $5 kite to use as a prop and I took a few photos of our daughter flying it while my friend took pictures of her as well. OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography324.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography330.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography336.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography354.jpg

She brought an assistant and she had fun flying the kite too 🙂 My husband helped with the reflector a little, he is my assistant as well, so he knows what to do! Here Veronica is posing my dad and our daughter. OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography358.jpg

Afterwards, there was a major storm coming, so we went to dinner at Ocean Cafe on the boardwalk. Here you can see the clouds forming…it was coming and it did, although not as bad as it hit the rest of the state that day and night! OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography366.jpg OCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography368.jpgOCNJDeirdre Ryan Photography370.jpg

 I’m going to continue posting about our vacation, but please remember this:

Laugh at your mistakes and at yourself, say I love you and hug your loved ones every single day.



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