All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

My grandfather passed away on Feb. 27th, 2018, he was 97 years old, born in Ponce de Puerto Rico. We buried his ashes with my grandmothers on March 17th, 2018, St. Patrick’s Day in here in Bordentown Cemetery, NJ, next to my great-grandmother. He lived a full and beautiful life, but the world is empty without him here with us.

Ramon was a Ret. Msgr Sgt. in the Army, WWII Vet, I called him Popo and “Handsome Boy”. I loved him and Yaya so very much. If you have been following my FB posts, you would see what I posted. These past few weeks have been very hard for all of us. We’re all now starting to catch up with life a little now. My clients have been so kind, supportive and patient with me, I’m forever grateful for them.

The memorial was beautiful, everything was done through the Bordentown Home For Funerals, who are good friends of ours as well. He had military honors, we had a surprise visit from family in Queens and after the interment, we went to Jester’s Cafe in Bordentown, NJ for a lovely late afternoon lunch with family and close friends.

If you have family and friend who are vets and need long term nursing home care, please look into the Veteran’s Memorial Home in Vineland, NJ.  The care that was given to him and everyone there is beyond exceptional and they go beyond the call of duty. This is where Popo lived for 6 years. My mother saw him every weekend, it’s a hour drive each way from us, and my daughter, husband and I went with her as often as we could, so many times to see and be with him.  Our daughter’s schedule or mine changed, but we made sure to visit. Our daughter had a relationship with her great-grandfather who simply adored her.

I miss them all, Popo, Yaya, Tata and Grandma and Grandpa Martin. I miss other family members and friends as well. I would rather them be here than anything else.

Thank you everyone….to my clients who have been super patient and kind during this difficult time for me and my family. I’m starting to catch up, we all are. Find a new routine, we still have lots to do and go through. Right now the best thing to do is to keep busy and work.

IMG_0533Popo's Funeral.jpgHere we are with our cousins who came down from Queens.
IMG_0537Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0538Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0541Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0545Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0546Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0552Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0576Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0574Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0572Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0612Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0586Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0592Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0581Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0613Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0628Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0609Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0629Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0633Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0635Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0636Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0637Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0638Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0639Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0643Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0645Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0647Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0648Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0650Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0653Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0657Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0656Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0659Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0666Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0672Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0673Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0677Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0678Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0684Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0688Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0691Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0693Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0695Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0697Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0698Popo's Funeral.jpgMy husband took video.
IMG_0709Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0719Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0721Popo's Funeral.jpgAt this point I wanted to be with my family, so my mother’s friend Leigh, from our high school, Notre Dame, took my camera and continued to take pictures.
IMG_0763Popo's Funeral.jpgHere we are at Jester’s, we know the owners, the food is great and although the day was hard, we were in good spirits.
IMG_0799Popo's Funeral.jpgUs cousins minus a few that couldn’t be there, this is our  Addams Family image LOL
IMG_0801Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0795Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0781Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0766Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0769Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0772Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0773Popo's Funeral.jpgMy friend keeps closing her eyes in every single frame!
IMG_0786Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0789Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0791Popo's Funeral.jpg
IMG_0793Popo's Funeral.jpg

Everyone here, even friend is part of our family, thank you.



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