Day 3-The Standardbred National Horse Show at The Horse Park of NJ

If you didn’t see my post on Day two click here to see it.

Day 3 was on a Sunday and I got there later than I wanted to. This time, I brought my husband and our daughter, it was her very first time at a horse show. It was super hot and it did rain a little. But we sat in the covered seating area and we had a packed lunch. My friend showed earlier in the jumping and dressage, and I wished that we could’ve seen her. Oh well, there will be plenty of other times. But still I wanted our daughter to see these events. This is a breed show to show the many ways this horse can perform.

Brielle hurt her back jumping with Baby, but had one last class on Kora in a flat class. She did really well and placed 2nd. All in all, she placed with two seconds and two fourths for the weekend, not bad considering that Kora is a horse that has only been under a saddle for just two months! And I got the word that Kora has been adopted!

They had a HUGE flat class of 25 riders, that benefited the Race for To Cure MS, and one of the riders that was sweeping the entire weekend has MS. She’s wearing the long sleeved blue shirt, riding Xrossing The Delaware. I wanted to meet her badly!

I love Fruit Punch Gatorade on ice and I made a mixed green salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, chick peas, plain macaroni noodles, drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and Penzeys Ozark seasonings. We also had fresh cherries for dessert. And yes, our daughter loves this salad too.


I like this one, an English and Western rider….

Because of the heat and rain, the judge was in the area where we were seated.


The red ribbon means to stay away because that horse could kick. Kora is not experienced in a show ring, and the day before, other riders were getting too close to her. I’ve ridden an Arabian named Annie who had to wear one, she would literally stop, back up to kick another horse in a show ring or during training. Did anyone pay attention to that ribbon? Nope! Did Annie do her thing without warning? Yup!

A very exhausted but happy Brielle!


Because Brielle was hurting, I helped with cleaning out the stalls, holding on to Baby while her other helper cleaned the other stall, and made sure that she was ok. She went one to place at Gladstone the very next day!

If you’re all wondering if I’m going to show soon, yes I am! Stay tuned!

Day 2-The Standardbred National Horse Show at The Horse Park Of NJ

If you’ve been following me online, it’s not a secret that riding horses is a love for me that goes back to when I was a little girl. I didn’t ask for a pony, I wanted a Trakenher. It’s still one of my favorite breeds. I jumped horses in shows, and now I’m back into training since August 1991.

A breed that has gained my attention is the Standardbred . My sister in-law Lillian and her husband, Jim, are very involved in the horse world. I’ve been volunteering when I can at the Standardbred Retirement Foundation in Cream Ridge, NJ.

This weekend, my friend, Brielle, who works there, is showing two horses at the Standardbred National Horse Show here at the Horse Park Of NJ. The park is only about roughly 20 minutes from where I live. I haven’t been here since 1991, so yeah a lot has changed! LOL

She’s been there since Friday, today is the last day and I’m going to head over there soon. Photographing horses in motion like this is “fairly new” for me,I used to photograph team sports for a newspaper. They came out pretty good, I really had a lot of fun, in spite of the intense humidity and oncoming thunderstorm.
IMG_3927StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_3938StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_3933StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
Brielle rode Kora in just one class. Her own horse, Shake Baby Shake, is showing today with Kora.

IMG_3949StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_3953StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_3975StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_3976StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
That’s Lillian taking pictures from the stands. I joined her there to take the other images.
IMG_3982StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography

IMG_3988StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4003StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4004StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4011StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4014StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4032StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4041StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4042StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4051StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
After a practice run in the ring, they had opening ceremonies:

IMG_4059StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4064StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4075StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4077StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4081StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4086StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4090StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4096StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4095StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4111StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4114StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4120StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4137StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4139StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4143StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4156StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography

This class is for Standardbreds that are currently up for adoption.

IMG_4185StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4197StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4227StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4243StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4249StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4252StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4260StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4269StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4282StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4287StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4288StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4291StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4296StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4295StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4294StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4297StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4298StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4299StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4303StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4310StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4318StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4317StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4328StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4323StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4338StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4363StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4361StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography is Brielle’s horse, Shake Baby Shake:
IMG_4382StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4381StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4397StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography
IMG_4405StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography this image, I stayed on to watch some more classes, that were mainly Western, with Lillian. It was fun to relax, chat and of course be around horses 🙂
IMG_4409StandardbredNationsbyDeirdre Ryan Photography