Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbuster’s!

Today at Randy Now’s Man Cave the new Ghostbuster’s ECTO – 1 Car pulled up in front of the shop. Instead of an ambulance, it’s an early 80’s Cadillac Hearse. About 6 of these were made for the movie during filming of the new Ghostbuster’s movie that’s coming out,  and this was one of them.

My husband and I came by around 4:30PM with our daughter and her best friend fresh from seeing The Secret Life of Pets(go see it, it’s really good, we have been waiting a year for it!), I had my Canon 5D III,  Canon 16-35mm f2.8L lens, and a Canon 600EX-RT flash on me to take some photos of it and the girls.
GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography5.jpg

Randy was helping people with the kids, taking pictures of everyone with their cellphone cameras, and being awesome as usual 🙂GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography20.jpg
Also today was the last chance – for a copy of the 2-dvd set RIOT ON THE DANCE FLOOR and the second edition copies of the since out of print for two years,  NO SLAM DANCING, NO STAGE DIVING, NO SPIKES with both book authors and film directors on hand to sign copies. These are about the legendary club, City Gardens that was on Calhoun Street in Trenton, NJ and Randy was a HUGE part of it.

I’m kicking myself because I completely forgot about this! I’m finally reading my first edition copy and here I was RIGHT THERE taking pictures of the car and I could’ve also had my book signed too! DANG IT! But I got some nice images of my friend Randy and that in itself makes me super happy. You can see the process of how I shot these quick portraits of him to get the one that I think is the best.

I had to work quickly because A.) there were cars driving by while I was in the middle of the street and B.) Randy was pretty busy, but somehow I knew that he didn’t get any photos of just himself with the vehicle yet by the time I got there. Randy loves to do funny poses and I love that about him, however I got him to do some pretty cool ones with the hearse.
GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography9.jpg GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography10.jpg GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography11.jpg

I like the shot below because it’s in between him posing and he’s laughing and relaxed, having a good time with me 🙂GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography12.jpg GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography13.jpg GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography14.jpg

Then I got the idea to have Randy sit in the back with “Slimer”, and after a couple of frames, this is my favorite shot by far. GhostbustersECTO - 1CarDeirdre Ryan Photography17.jpg


Here’s me and “Slimer” taking a “selfie” with my camera…Photo by David W. Ryan. (BTW, that camera with the lens and flash is not lightweight to hold it out like that for too long.)
I don’t know how he manages to get things to his shop or people to do concerts, but the man has a TON of connections. Thank you Randy for bringing this piece of Hollywood to our small town today. Tell him thanks by commenting on this blog post and also go to this link:

Let’s get him voted for Best Record Store and bring Bordentown even more in front of everyone than before! Thanks!