Third Annual Restaurant Week In Bordentown, NJ

The very last issue of The Register News that covers the Bordentown, NJ area featured Restaurant Week during March 29th. 2015-April 3rd 2015.

Below are the photos of what I shot during that Restaurant Week at Tuscano’s The Farnsworth House, The H.O.B., Marcello’s, Under The Moon, Jester’s Cafe, The Vault, and Oliver’s. What that week is was a Prix Fixe Menu price to sample all of the restaurants in town.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0203 April Sette and Dave Worth of Bordentown City enjoy dinner at Toscano’s on Sunday evening, and diners enjoy their meal at Toscano’s on Sunday evening, Sunday, March 29, 2015, the first day of Third Annual Restaurant Week that ran to April 3rd along Farnsworth Ave. in Bordentown City.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0204

Colleen Gore of Bordentown City, Todd Radison of Middletown, NJ and Caryssa Horodysky of Philadelphia, PA enjoy their drinks while diners enjoy their meal at The Farnsworth House.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0205L-R: Jim Tobik, Dean Buhrer, Mary Barnes, Samantha Barnes, Lane Hirschfeld, Jordan Schmidt, Walt Klauder and Karoline Heimbach, all of Bordentown City, are down at The HOB in the dining area in the back.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0206 Mario Acevedo of Trenton, NJ gets a tomato pie ready for take out at Marcello’s Restaurant & Tomato Pies, while diners enjoy their meal.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0207Diners enjoy their meal at Under The Moon during the Third Annual Restaurant Week.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0208 A large group of happy diners at Jester’s Cafe.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0209 Lisa McGrady serves up dessert to L-R: Lisa Markhoff, Bruce Markhoff, Katie Kelly and Lucas Kelly(not shown) at The Vault Sunday evening.RestarauntWeekDeirdreRyanPhotographywww.deirdreryanphotography.com_0210Suzanne Wheelock of Bordentown City enjoys an early lunch at Oliver’s Bistro March 31, 2015, during the Third Annual Restaurant Week.

It was sad for me because Bordentown has MANY great events that need to be covered and not just once a month. There are many reasons why I’m sure that The Register and The Messenger Press was shut down.  It’s not my place or my business to speculate.

Below tells a little bit of the history of what many of us remember when it was called The Bordentown Register. This is from the link which is part of The Bordentown Library:

“The “Bordentown Palladium” was founded in 1845 as a weekly community paper serving the Bordentown region of Burlington County, New Jersey, an area six miles south of Trenton. The newspaper was renamed “Bordentown Register” in 1851 and renamed again in 1966 to“Register-News”. Over its 160 years of publication, the newspaper has chronicled the history of the Bordentown region, including local news for surrounding towns of Fieldsboro, Florence, Roebling, Columbus, Chesterfield, Mansfield, and Yardville, marriages and death notices, legislative news, judicial announcements, business and social concerns of the area. Of special note is the news of hometown soldiers in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Wars and subsequent.

However as of this year, 2015, The Register News would’ve been 170 years old.

I started with The Register News when I got out of college, using my Nikon FM film camera. My best friend, Vanessa was one of the many editors working for The Packet and it’s various papers back then. I was sent out to cover everything from grand openings to high school sports. Manual focussing, manual flash, manual everything 🙂  I was a part time photographer who used to cover what couldn’t be covered by their full time photographers including my friend, Phil McAuliffe.

I’m still with The Packet Press, but I haven’t been called in to photograph anything in a loong time. I miss this type of work because I got to go out, the crazy deadlines, getting all of the names(first and last), where they are from of everyone in the photos, meeting new people, and going to different places(sometimes I would shoot for different papers under The Packet Press). A lot of times, people got to know me, which was really nice.

The printed paper and magazine industry has changed a lot over the years. I know a lot of good men and women who have had to change with the times, re-invent themselves. I’m one of them.



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