What is PERSONAL branding photography?

Imagine having your very own personal photographer that you have pre-scheduled for custom photoshoots every quarter or every year. And these images are yours to use for marketing your business that go together seamlessly with your branding. 

Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coffee and cream, or cookies with a glass of milk.

That’s the connection you want to make when it comes to your brand and the images that make an impact that draws your targeted clients to you. You save time by carving your sessions ahead of time, everything is done for you, I help tell your story visually.

  • People connect with stories – with individuals. 
  • Connection is the power behind a personal brand.
  • Connection converts into business.

Photography is the number one way to communicate with your audience with images that represent your business. Those images build an instant, authentic connection with your clients.

Hi, I’m Deirdre, let’s work together to create amazing content that tells your story with custom photoshoots so you can have a personal library of images to use for your brand.

Why Do You Need Branding Photography?

Using stock images might work for a little while, but people are savvy and know better. They understand that those images are not who are behind your company and want to see the real people, the story, behind your company. Also, many stock images tend to be repeated amongst websites, take a closer look and you’ll see. Why not get images that are custom and geared for what you want instead?

Who Needs This Kind Of Photography?

How’s your branding business scale?  Many need fresh new work, such as the Legal Field, Creatives, Retail, Health and Personal Care industries. Images are what help bring in targeted clients to you, and make your business grow.  You’re doing everything, emailing, networking, accounting, webmaster, marketing, social media, it’s time to take a breather and let a professional photographer work with you.

Are you an athlete who is looking to gain sponsors and want to have amazing images of you pursuing what you love? An equestrian,(3-day eventer, dressage, hunter equitation, show jumper, cross-country, vaulter, etc.),  swimmer, soccer player, basketball, baseball, football player? Does your team need sponsorship or publicity images?

You are building a community;  building a personal brand as well too, so be authentic, sell the experience, have your clients feel whatever emotion that you’re trying to evoke, then they read,  they click, and then they take action. 

“I was nervous about getting one good picture of myself for my business website. What a pleasant surprise to have so many selections from which to choose. I echo the sentiments so well expressed by others. Deirdre does have a way of making you feel special – maybe that is what shows through in her pictures. I am pleased to have found both a creative photographer and a new friend.”
"It was a pleasure working with Deirdre during our photo shoot with my employees. She also took amazing photos of my three locations of business. All of the photos she took were used for my revamped website."
Dawn Moore
President/Owner/Grief Recovery Specialist-Moore Funeral Services

Do You Have A Story?

You’d be surprised by the answers I get when I ask this question. This is where you and your business truly shine, by documenting what goes on, your customers and clients get a peek at what it takes a successful entrepreneur or brick and mortar shop to work so that they understand the value of what you and your employees do. 

Your story is wherever it takes you, at your place of business, your office, a cafe, outside, speaking at a conference or a meeting,  however you want to connect with your audience. The images will be a varied collection that will be to be used however you want. 

During our consultation, this is part of what we’ll be discussing. 

Why Work With Me?

Trust is not something I take lightly, and knowing how some people don’t like having their picture taken, I understand that to build that type of relationship is important. Having a background in photojournalism, I know how to tell a story and capture the details you may not have thought of until you see the final images. 

I don’t believe in posing people, I think that you should be yourself but just a little bit more refined in a way. But I’m also going to be honest, if you don’t look good in a certain pose, lighting or whatever it may be, I’ll say something, change it up and make sure that it will work out no matter what.

This is where my experience comes in to what I do. No matter the situation, there is always a solution, and you come prepared.

How It Works

Each package is a yearly subscription that offers sessions that are called stories,  these help to reveal your personality, build relationships and connect to your clients. Yearly subscriptions are the best way to stay current images online and up to date. Each session is done on your schedule and convenience. 

Live far away from me? No problem, I can come to you!  Travel fees are additional. 

All packages include: 
  • One to One Consultation
  • Detailed Questionnaire
  • Unlimited Commercial Usage License
  • Online Proofing Gallery
  • Final images downloaded directly to your computer. 
  • Hi Res and Social Media Sized Jpegs 
  •  Professional guidance and casual approaches to make sure that everyone is comfortable.

package three

Unlimited Stories and Images

One Full Day Of Custom Photography. Photography, that happens 4 times a year. 
ALL full-resolution images from your session
*8 hour maximum per session

package two

5 Photo Story Sessions

Perfect for keeping your website and social media up to date. 

Custom Photoshoot Every 3 Months

90 Edited Images, in both Hi and Lo Res Jpegs.

3 Months of posting 1 image on social media, every single day.

Package one

3 Photo Story Sessions

A Custom Photoshoot Every 3 Months with 60 Edited Images, in both Hi and Lo Res Jpegs

This equals to 3 Months of posting 1 image on social media per day, Monday-Friday.

Small Biz or just starting out

Single Photo Story Session

This is for businesses that have up to 4 employees, or a person who is in business on their own.
No annual contract, we’ll get together and work on which story you want to tell for your brand and business. 
This session will come with 30 Edited Images, in both Hi and Lo Res Jpegs.


If nothing fits….

Does your business have something very specific that you need to have done? Products? You have speaking engagements in multiple cities or during conventions? Do you need photos taken every month?

No problem! Get in touch with me and we’ll discuss what you need and all of the details, and get started on something specific just for you. 

What Next?


You have many options to choose from: schedule a free branding call, give me a ring, send me an email, we can chat via the red Chat Now button on the righthand side of this page. After you book with me, I'll be sending you a questionnaire, we'll set up a day and time for your consultation. This will be very quick, because you have a very busy schedule.


We can either meet up in person if we're local to each other, or we can chat via Skype or Google Hangout. We'll discuss the questionnaire that you filled out, figure out everything(wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc.)and then set a time, date and location for your photo session.

Photoshoot Day!

This is honestly where the magic happens! Here's where we create your custom library of images. It's okay to be a little nervous, I'll make sure that you're comfortable and at ease. The cool part? You can see the photos the SAME DAY! Sometimes, even as I'm photographing you. I know, gotta love technology!

So Easy

You’ll receive your images around 1-2 weeks or less after your photo shoot. Once the images are ready, you’ll get a link to a private online gallery and from there you can download them. They come with a full commercial usage license, and will be in both high and low resolution files. This way you can use them for printing and social media. Later on we'll regroup and get together for the next photo session. You'll be wondering how or why you didn't do this months ago!

Let's Get Started!

Let me help you by bringing your business and it’s brand to a whole new level. Just click on the red Chat Now Button or give me a call at 609-424-6030 so that we can have fun and work together.