Time Well Spent’s Ann Laurie Fratticcioli – On Location Editorial Branding Photographer

Ann Laurie Fratticcioli is not just a client, but one that I consider a friend. I have photographed her twice before for her business Time Well Spent. Ann is an “concierge and personal errand service and attending to the specific needs of individuals”. She needed business branding photography and that’s what I provided for her.
Recently she was featured in the Moxie Magazine and had an article written about her:
Ladies Who Launch. If you saw this and was wondering who shot it, it was me. It looks great and I highly recommend reading the article.

Time Well Spent Concierge Service All Day Photo Shoot – NJ Editorial Photographer

Ann Laurie Fratticcioli, Owner of Time Well Spent Concierge Service, is not just a client but a friend.

We met at a Women’s Networking Lunch and just hit it off from the beginning. I photographed her in my studio for her head shot and she and my daughter hit it off great too. Why? She wears fun jewelry and it was love from there 😉

Ann does so much for people, this is just a very short list of what she can do.

  • Waiting for a delivery.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Picking up dry cleaning.
  • Buying and wrapping gifts.
  • Oil changes and car inspections.
  • Writing and sending cards, invitations or “thank you” notes.
  • Taking care of things that you or a loved one may not be capable of doing because of an illness or medical condition.


Ann needed shots of her going to different locations to demonstrate just a few things that she does for her clients to help them in their everyday lives.
We had a lot of fun, the weather was gorgeous and made fun of the way people drove around us. Hey we’re in New Jersey, you have to just wonder about how people get away with the way they drive 😉
Dropping off donations at the Goodwill.
At the Cookie Cottage in Hamilton, NJ to pick up deserts and cake.
Stopping by Petal Pushers in Hamilton, NJ, owned by my neighbor.



At Borden Cleaners located in Bordentown Township, NJ.
The post office in Bordentown, NJ.


The weekly Farmer’s Market in Bordentown, NJ



A wonderful afternoon!


Tinya Cagle Inspirational/Gospel/Soul Musician-Deirdre Ryan Photography – NJ

This past President’s Weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph Tinya Cagle an Inspirational/Gospel/Soul musician and singer. I shot her on location at Hebe’s Music in Mt. Holly, NJ. Tinya was going to perform for a live audience for a video that day. Mt. Holly has great places to photograph around the town, so we did just that.
First we shot some pictures of her inside Hebe’s Music, then went outside around the corner and shot her on the street and in front of what used to be the City Hall and Jail. Then I shot pictures of her back inside of Hebe’s Music as she was performing.
I wanted to photograph her in her element, singing and most of all being herself. My goal was to make her comfortable with me and when this happens, I get great shots.
I love shooting musicians. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music and my all time favorite is The Beatles. Along with the music was the photographs that was taken. I love how they captured the artists and sometimes the wackiness of their characters. Some of the best pictures where done inside the recording studios and while they performed onstage. The recording sessions are where I think photographers captured the musicians at their most vulnerable, using the fastest speed film that they could find and not using a flash so as not to disturb the recording sessions.
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