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All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

My grandfather passed away on Feb. 27th, 2018, he was 97 years old, born in Ponce de Puerto Rico. We buried his ashes with my grandmothers on March 17th, 2018, St. Patrick’s Day in here in Bordentown Cemetery, NJ, next to my great-grandmother. He lived a full and beautiful life, but the world is empty […]

Sharpen Your Skills To Work For Your Career Event

Francine and Dolores hosted a lunch time professional coaching event to help women focus on their branding, and building professional networks during face to face time with a group of coaches to help them get on track with their careers. It wasn’t an entire day, but more like a taste of what everyone is capable […]

In Remembrance Of “Jackie”

My heart is heavy today. I originally had this event on my older site that was for weddings, family and newborn portraits. However now that I’ve been back to commercial photography for some time, I didn’t put it back up as events are not my main focus. However this is one of my many favorites. Colleen approached […]