Annual St. Patty’s 5K Run for Our Local Schools

I was asked to photograph the Annual Bordentown St. Patty’s 5K Race and Family Fun 2 Mile Walk in March in Bordentown City, NJ. This is a fundraiser for the Bordentown Regional School District’s Board of Education, one that I’ve covered for before when working for The Register News under The Packet Publication. Our superintendent of the school district spoke, we had a gorilla mascot, Miss Bordentown ran, and volunteers to organize, set up and help run the event. It was great to see friends of mine with their kids in the race, we are a small community and there were other people from place in the surrounding areas. As our daughter is in the school here, this benefits her.

The race started in front of The Bordentown Home for Funerals and the Finish Line was in front of the Clara Barton Elementary and Macfarland Intermediate Schools(both schools are across the street from each other). After the race, the Family Fun Walk started as well as the awards ceremony in the Clara Barton’s All Purpose Room.

Since I live in the city, I walked over to where everything was. Packing light, I carried only my Canon 5D Mark III with the EF 70-200mm f2.8 L non IS lens and the Canon 6D with the EF 16-35mm f2.8 L lens packed into the Think Tank Retrospective bag(stashed this as well as my heavier jacket away someplace safe inside the school with other volunteers items), then when shooting used their modular belt system with the Hubba Hubba Hiney and the water bottle holder called RU Hot(love this thing!), with both cameras attached to the Black Rapid Double Slim camera strap. When I worked for the newspapers, travelling light was essential as well as having the right gear. True… if you were lucky enough to worked full time, the gear was given to you by the news outlet to use(it was theirs not yours) you always good gear and glass(lenses). But I own everything you see me carry.

Thank you to the Board of Ed for asking me to photograph this event for you, I enjoyed being out there for our community and I know that many of you all loved the images.

44Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 4Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 3Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 48Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 8Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 29Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan-1.jpg 13Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg27Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 40Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg15Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 52Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 58Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 68Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 71Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 79Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 85Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg 95Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg255Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg323Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg189Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg167Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg

In the photo above is our daughter’s former kindergarten teacher running with a student, now THAT is awesome!!!161Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg311Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg340Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg434Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg14Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan-2.jpg449Bordentown5K2016Deirdre Ryan.jpg