Empowering Personal Branding Photo Session-NJ Portrait and Editorial Photography

Marlene and I have collaborated before on a personal branding photoshoot of her in the past. Recently she got back in touch and said that she wanted to do something fun again, but different. She needed new headshots of her for professional reasons, and the rest are for online dating.  We chatted about what she wanted and we came up with a plan.

I now have a place indoors to photograph in, in addition to an abundance of outdoor surroundings for a variety of backgrounds and expressions that will make anyone happy with.

I prepared for her session, came up with a playlist to listen to, provided refreshments made sure there was a place to hang up her changes in clothing so that when she arrived I was ready to go. It was basically a three-hour dress up and pretend session while listening to Johnny Cash. I went over her clothes and accessories, helped put together the outfits.

All of my sessions are fun, they don’t seem like work at all. When I’m photographing, I love to chat, make everyone feel at ease, and if needed, direct my clients into poses that seem effortless and natural for them. Listening and developing an intimate bond is important because when I’m with my clients, it’s just us. No one or anything else matters. Nothing to judge, just going with the flow(with a little bit of planning).

If you’re interested in a session like this, contact me.