What Happens When Social Media Goes Down

Do you rely on social media platforms only for your business?

Yesterday was a day for many to take a break from social media. Unless you have a Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn or whatever else you use to communicate.

I get messages via FB Messenger and I have explained time and time again to please use my website contact page instead.

Many have used built in Messenger services for a long time now, not realizing that for us business owners, emails offer us a better archive and timeline of communication between us and our clients. And for my many clients who have my cellphone number, using that to call or text me is another more reliable way to get in touch as well.

Sure it’s easier to just click Share and choosing to use Messengers or tagging. But if yesterday was any indication of what could happen again….well there’s your answer.

Which brings me to this: if you’re a business who uses Facebook or Instagram as your only way of getting the word out about your business, may this be a lesson to you.

For years, I’ve said over and over to not rely on these social media platforms but instead use a dedicated website. Social media platforms are just one of the many tools to show the world what you do and offer. Many people do not have a Facebook or Instagram account. Therefore if that’s the only thing you use, then they cannot access your information or anything that you may be offering. I see this all the time still!

Before the pandemic, I attended networking events, and have been a guest speaker regarding the importance of good quality branding photos and having a dedicated website for businesses. I think the time has come to do a live video of this presentation.

Yes I’m a little awkward here, I’m working on my video presence LOL!