A Printed Portrait Speaks Volumes To Those In Need

Over the weekend I had the honor to volunteer at Chosen 300, at their soup kitchen on Spring Garden in Center City Philadelphia, PA. The event was for Help-Portrait, is about giving people who otherwise couldn’t afford photography a portrait, a print to take home with them. This event happens once a year in December, a global event, put together by photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and countless volunteers and donations. I had heard about this a while ago and I could finally make it this year.

My husband was able to join me, so we drove into the city from NJ. We met in Center City and lived on 15th and Locust, so coming into Philly is like home to us.

When we first arrived, we cleared out the tables and chairs to set up our photo stations. People donated their photo printers, snacks for us to eat, and many of us(myself included) brought in frames to put the printed images into. Then once we set up, we all tested our lights on each other.

Photo By Kristina White

Photo by Kristina White.

Me being photographed by Jaleel King by Photo By Kristina White

This is me being shot by Jaleel King, photo by Kristina White.


This gentleman was my first client, and he was a HUGE Cowboys football fan in Eagles country! HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography2_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography3_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography4_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography5_Philadelphia

We had to have some fun by putting some Eagles in the photo, and of course, The Eagles won the very next day!HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography7_Philadelphia

Photo By Kristina White

Here he is with the photograph in the frame that I took and he chose. Looks great! Photo by Kristina White. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography8_Philadelphia

This gentleman had never had a portrait of himself wearing a suit other than the uniform he wore when he was shipped out to Vietnam. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography9_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography10_Philadelphia

Photo By Kristina White

Photo by Kristina White.


This is me with my client with the image he chose in a frame. Photo by David W. Ryan.

In between clients, I got some quick shots of some behind the scenes.BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia

This is Jaleel King showing his client the portrait he just took on the back of his camera.BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia

Makeup artist Niki Brennan making a mother of two feel very pretty. BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia

Cathie Berrey-Green of BG Productions working her fun station to making the kids and mom have great portraits.

When Carrie showed the mother the printed portraits, she cried, because she loved them so much. We all were crying, it was very emotional, that is why we do this.



This spunky little 3 year old young lady was such a treat! She was a little shy at first, but I got her to warm up to me. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography12_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography13_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography14_Philadelphia

Especially after asking if I had stinky feet, and she said yes! Then I asked if her grandmother had stinky feet, and she said, yes! I got her giggling lolHelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography15_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography16_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography17_Philadelphia

This young man was quite and reserved, but I could tell that he loved to be outgoing and friendly.  HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography18_Philadelphia

Photo By Kristina White

He was 6’7 and I’m 5’0, I tried a few with him standing but I preferred the ones I showed here. Photo by Kristina White. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography19_Philadelphia

This gentleman was also 6’7, so I had him sitting down too. He lost everything he had to a house fire, including family pictures.  HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography20_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography21

I had a quick moment so I shot this portrait of one of the photographers who was there.

Help Portrait Group Photo by Kevin High Photography

At the end of the day, we all got together to take a group photo. Photo by Kevin High. I am so happy that I could participate for this worthy cause to give back, make new friends, and meet new people. Plus, we were able to get back home in time to see our little girl play in her first basketball game of the season, and her team WON!

Thank you everyone!!!!