My grandfather is a Retired WWII Master Sergeant Army Infantry. He was 92+(he is now 95) and I love him dearly. He is my mother’s father and my daughter’s great-grandfather. I grew up with my great-grandmother, so for Jayden to have Popo in her life is very special.

You never want to put family members into a separate place to live, but Popo needs special care and he is in a special place for Vets in southern NJ. It’s very hard to not have him so close by, but my mom visits him every weekend and I go down with Jayden and my mom when we can. Plus we talk on the phone.

This was our first Christmas with him there and so we decided to see him on Christmas Eve. They also had a holiday special going on that day, so it was nice to be a part of it with him.

I miss my grandfather very much, and I and so thankful that he, my grandmother and my great-grandmother were such a huge influence in my life growing up. He still is and I love his stories, between he and my dad, a Retired LTC Army Reserves Armed Calvary, they could write a book.

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