“The reason behind the wrestling event was just a fundraiser to help out with the overall Relay for Life fundraising. This year so far, we raised over $81,000 and our wrestling show brought in a combined $3000.

We (my team) chomped at the bit trying to come up with a good idea to raise money. It was my wife’s idea to start, and then a few others agreed that it would be a great idea to fundraise to get me back in the wrestling ring.
I used to be a pro wrestler back in 1998 – 2000. I trained at Iron Mike Sharpe’s School of Professional Wrestling in Asbury Park. One of my trainers, and the promoter, The Jersey Hurricane was who I contacted about the show.
He loved the idea, and he met with the wrestlers, who all agreed to donate their time that night. And the ring rental was waved too. So I got back in training mode, going to the gym, as well as, going to his house to train in the ring…to sorta get the rust out.
The kicker…that very few people know…was I injured myself the day before the show. I pulled some stomach muscles…from practicing a maneuver…and I didn’t bail out or shorten the match…as people paid to see me get in the ring. I was in a lot of pain throughout that match…but it was all worth it…” -Layton Dodge, Jr. A.K.A. “Battleship”