Repaving Bordentown City Street

Here in town, we’ve had a lot of work done with our water and gas lines. This means after each job a lot of patchwork was done to our streets making for a very bumpy ride. For cars, bikes and those who jog and our annual 5K events.

It’s tricky trying to get around our little town if you live below or on Prince St. I for one am one of the lucky to have a driveway, but trying to get my child to school meant breaking habit to go the long way. Then coming back was tricky because the traffic pattern changed again. Trying to walk to the post office was interesting because I chose the time when fresh hot asphalt was being laid down and crossing the street became an adventure.
But with all of these pain in the ass things will come a new and smooth street that will be safer and easier to keep clean and plowed in bad weather.
I shot these with my iPhone.