Relay For Cancer Wrestling Fundraiser-Deirdre Ryan Editorial Photography

“The reason behind the wrestling event was just a fundraiser to help out with the overall Relay for Life fundraising. This year so far, we raised over $81,000 and our wrestling show brought in a combined $3000.
We (my team) chomped at the bit trying to come up with a good idea to raise money. It was my wife’s idea to start, and then a few others agreed that it would be a great idea to fundraise to get me back in the wrestling ring.
I used to be a pro wrestler back in 1998 – 2000. I trained at Iron Mike Sharpe’s School of Professional Wrestling in Asbury Park. One of my trainers, and the promoter, The Jersey Hurricane was who I contacted about the show.
He loved the idea, and he met with the wrestlers, who all agreed to donate their time that night. And the ring rental was waved too. So I got back in training mode, going to the gym, as well as, going to his house to train in the ring…to sorta get the rust out.
The kicker…that very few people know…was I injured myself the day before the show. I pulled some stomach muscles…from practicing a maneuver…and I didn’t bail out or shorten the match…as people paid to see me get in the ring.
I was in a lot of pain throughout that match…but it was all worth it…”
-Layton Dodge, Jr. A.K.A. “Battleship”

Some of these images were published in The Register News, one of the many papers published by

Coach Layton Dodge Jr. faces his opponent “Dangerous” Dom Devito before the event kicks off with the matches.
Atomic Dog
Coach Layton Dodge Jr.’s son, Jack, doesn’t realize Corey Havoc is right behind him.

Atomic Dog and Corey Havoc.
Corey Havoc having fun with the crowd after getting kicked out of the ring.


The Freak, and Spanky.
The Freak and JC The Outpatient.
Abe Yusef
The Patch after “stealing” money from a child as he enters.
The kids cheering for The Orphan and booing The Patch.
The Orphan
The Orphan, and The Patch.

The Patch because he was the “bad” guy shouting at other kids who were booing him.
Barbado and the Jersey Hurricane.


Stacey Fitzpatrick plays during Intermission.

Terry Rivel sang the Star Spangled Banner before the event started and then sang some songs during the Intermission.
The band Volt plays during Intermission.

James Naprawa (Guitar & Vocals) age:18

Jared Hirst (Bass guitar)age: 17

Cody Gonzalez (Drummer) age:17

From L-R: Barbado (mask), Big Tony (on mat), Abe Yusef, and Chris (referee)
Barbado (mask), Big Tony

20 People Battle Royale Match. Last one in the ring wins. Left to right: Atomic Dog, Damon Force (on ground), Mark Cruz, The Freak, Jersey Hurricane, Corey Havoc, and Big Tony (in corner).

Atomic Dog wins!

“Dangerous” Dom Devito enters.

 Coach Dodge Jr. faces his opponent “Dangerous” Dom Devito. Dodge’s character was Battleship and he used to be a pro wrestler back in the day.
Here he is with his two sons.

Eagles 5K Run in Allentown, NJ-Deirdre Ryan Editorial Photography

Some of these images were published in The Messenger Press, one of the many papers published by


Allentown Boy Scout Troop 180


The start of the race.


And they’re off!
1rst PlaceTime:17:55.6 #0576 ANDRE DUPUIS age 19


FIRST Female to complete the race!5th Place

Time: 19:57.1 #551 GIZETTE PEREZ age 10


Princeton Police Promotions-Princeton Packet Photographer

These images were published in The Princeton Packet, one of the many papers published by
Lt. Christopher Morgan


Lt. Robert Toole

Wassailing the Apple Trees at Terhune Orchards-Princeton Packet Photographer

This happened back on Sunday, January 29rd, 2012 at Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJ.

“Wassailing the apple trees was especially popular in the cider-making regions of southern and western England where celebrants would gather around a big, old apple tree and sing traditional songs. They made noise through the branches to scare away spirits, and toasted the tree’s health with warm cider passed around in a bucket. Some cider was also poured over tree roots, and cider-soaked toasted bread was placed on its branches. 

The ceremony also included blowing horns and thrashing the tree with hopes of increasing productivity during the coming growing season.
This custom was especially important during a time when part of a laborer’s wages was paid in apple cider. Landlords needed a good apple crop to attract good workers. Wassailing was meant to keep the tree safe from spirits until the next year’s apples appeared. Those who celebrate on old Twelfth Night drink the cider produced during the past year and offer toasts to a bountiful new year.”-Terhune Orchards
Some of these images were published in The Princeton Packet, one of the many papers published by







Spice Punch Quartet

10th Annual Bordentown St. Paddy’s Day 5K and 2 Mile Fun Walk-Bordentown, NJ Photographer

This year I participated in the 10th Annual Bordentown St. Paddy’s Day 5K & 2 Mile Fun Walk. I covered it for The Register News and I did the 2 Mile Fun Walk. It was a great fundraiser for our community’s school and many people, kids and some pets participate in this every year.

Some of these images were published in The Register News, one of the many papers published by

Getting ready to start the 2 Mile Walk of the 10th Annual Bordentown St. Paddy’s Day 5K & 2 Mile Fun Walk at 8:45AM on Crosswicks St. in front of Clara Barton Elementary School and MacFarland Intermediate School.
The 2 Mile Walk begins!
Rudy Stumpf participates in The 2 Mile Walk with his youngest son, Carter Stumpf.
Kevin O’Reilly decorated Thomas Paine and participated in the 2 Mile Fun Walk. These are the times that try mens souls.
The kids getting ready to start the 1 Mile Run that was part of The 10th Annual Bordentown St. Paddy’s Day 5K & 2 Mile Fun Walk on Crosswicks St. in front of Clara Barton Elementary School and MacFarland Intermediate School.
Emma Gerike finishes the 1 Mile Run. She placed 2nd in the 11-12 year old Girls Division and 10 Place overall!
L-R Matt Walsh and his cousin Glenn MacAllister before they start the 5K Run. I love that they wore kilts!
Getting ready to start the 5K Run
And the race begins!
Robert Novak is the first to finish the run. He is in training for the Summer Olympics.
Robert Novak holding the dog. Actually the is dog sitting for two friends John Barkley who is in Afghanistan, and Tasha Barely who is in Arizona interviewing for her DR residency… dogs name is Ollie Barkley. The other guy is Bob Erickson. And the two little ones are girl Tina Morgan boy Trever Morgen
Lance Kovac completed the race with 2 of his children, Wyatt (4) and Katie (3).
Roseanne Jones completes the 5K Run!
Colleen Hughs did it!
Chrissie Noble, Mike Noble, Anthony Noble, Bill Costner, dave DiLapo, Linda DiLapo, Sharon Lettiere, Rachel Hoagland, Nina Morreale, Joe Morreale , and Jaclyn Hutton, Daryl J Updike(who ran the 5K carrying a 40 pound sandbag!) All completed the run!

Joyful Praise at the Shiloh Baptist Church-Deirdre Ryan Editorial Photographer

There was nothing but joyful sounds, music and vocals during the concert held at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Bordentown, NJ. It was held as a fundraiser to benefit the Lay Organization. Jasper T. Daniels Jr. Scholarship Fund.
I covered this for The Register News,
Natasha Overton


Brother Jaime Harrison of Beauty Grove Baptist Church.
Gospel Soloist, Brother Norman Caldwell.


Anne Horne clapping after Gospel Soloist, Brother Norman Caldwell finishes a song.



Sherice Brown enjoying the songs and music.


Gospel Soloist, Brother Norman Caldwell.



Brother Jaime Harrison, Mrs. Lorraine Fortune and Mrs. Anne Horne singing along and enjoying the performances.


Quentin Loftin of the group, Silent Praise.


Quentin Loftin of the group, Silent Praise.


The Original Specials of Trenton. Members of this gospel choir are:Marjorie Miller, Betty Hall, Mary Brown, Juanila Kelly, Delores Smith and Fred Baum is their musician.





Sherice Brown uses her tambourine to join in with the singers.
The Capital City Gospel Singers of Trenton are:Michael Ingram, Sedrick Bailey, Fred Baum, Jerome Wilson, Michael Smith, Deacon Horace E. Grant Sr., Michael Thomas and Bob Horton. The lead singer is Michael Ingram.


The Grand Opening of Man Cave and Consignment Shop-NJ Editorial Photographer

I got to shoot this grand opening for The Register News. There’s another new shop in town! Man Cave & Consignment Shop, located on 15 Park Street in Bordentown, NJ, 08505! This place has a lot to offer to, I think, everyone. He also has specialty sodas that you cannot find anywhere. I’m super excited about this place and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I covered this for The Register News.


Randy Now, the owner of Man Cave & Consignment Shop, and Steve Tozzi stand on either side of a portrait of John Lennon signed by the photographer, Richard Avedon.  Richard Avedon is one of my favorite photographers! Steve Tozzi is the man behind the documentary documentary film “Riot on the Dance Floor: The Life and Times of Randy Now and City Gardens”.


Mary Mindas, Randy Now’s wife helps out with the free food that was offered at the grand opening of Man Cave & Consignment Shop.


Jet Weston sings with Fred Stucky on lead guitar and Michael Massimino on the upright bass.

Jet Weston and His Atomic Ranch Hands

“Oatmeal Joe” Murray on bass while Jet Weston sings on rhythm guitar, and Fred Stucky on lead guitar.


Michael Massimino on the upright bass.


Jet Weston sings on rhythm guitar, Michael Massimino on the upright bass, Joe Mekler on drums, Fred Stucky on lead guitar and Bud Angelotti on the petal steel guitar.


Fred Stucky on lead guitar, Michael Massimino on the upright bass and Joe Mekler on drums.




Jet Weston finished up a song.Jet Weston and His Atomic Ranch Hands


Debbie Driber stands up to the mike to sing a Patsy Cline song with the band playing.


Fred Stucky on lead guitar sings a solo.


Moot Davis gets up and sings a few songs with the band during the grand opening of Man Cave and Consignment Shop.

Governor Chris Christie At The Roebling Town Hall Meeting-NJ Editorial Photographer

I was asked to photograph Governor Chris Christie at the Roebling Community Center for his Town Meeting.  He started off with a speech and then started by taking questions from the audience and answering them.

Some of these images were published in The Register News, one of the many papers published by

NJ State Governor Chris Christie at the Roebling Community Center’s Town Meeting.
Former Assemblyman Joseph Malone.



Republican NJ State Senator Diane Allen listening to NJ State Governor Chris Christie at the Roebling Community Center’s Town Meeting.





Here the Governor is going back and forth with William Brown, calling an the Iraq War vet and former Navy SEAL and 2nd year law student at Rutgers Camden, who interrupted him at a town hall meeting an “idiot’. To see the the full footage and article to go with it click here.
Here is Lawerence Paynter of the AFL-CIO, Construction and General Laborer’s Union Local 172 of South Jersey, asking NJ State Governor Chris Christie a question at the Roebling Community Center’s Town Meeting.





FLORENCE: It’s budget and blunt Jersey talk for Christie


DATE POSTED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 7:15 PM EDT
By Amber Cox, Special Writer
FLORENCE — A couple of firsts emerged as the township hosted Gov. Chris Christie at the recent town meeting at the Main Street Community Center to highlight his accomplishments over the past two years and promote his proposed budget.
Mayor Craig Wilkie pointed out it was the first time a governor ever visited Florence, not counting Gov. Richard Hughes who lived here at one time or Gov. Christine Whitman whose helicopter touched down here on her way to somewhere else.
It was also the first time a governor called a Navy SEAL veteran an idiot.
The Fireman’s Hall, with a capacity of 500 people, was filled March 8 with local, county and state residents to hear the governor make a case for his budget.
Gov. Christie, again, said he plans to cut income taxes by 10 percent over the next three years.
   ”We are not raising taxes, we’re cutting spending,” he said. “My budget this year is smaller than the budget in 2008.”

Gov. Christie also referred to what he is doing in Trenton as “turning Trenton upside down.”

”I’m going to Trenton now to turn Trenton upside down,” he said. “We have turned Trenton upside down.”

Gov. Christie added that although his job can be trying he doesn’t complain, especially because it was part of the deal he made with his wife before he became governor.

”I don’t complain about this job, not only because I’m afraid of my wife, and I am, but also because I love this job,” Gov. Christie said. “People say to me all the time, ‘your job must be tough,’ and I say, ‘no tougher than your job.’ The only difference between my job and your job, my job I’m reviewed every day on the front of the paper. Every one of you works hard.”

Gov. Christie repeatedly told the crowd that he is proud to be governor of New Jersey where he was born and raised.

The governor’s Jersey roots showed up when he got into a heated argument with a Mount Laurel resident during the question-and-answer period.

William Brown, a former Navy SEAL and second-year law student at Rutgers-Camden, politely at first, asked Gov. Christie to explain his support of the proposed merger between the Rutgers Camden Campus and Rowan University.

Mr. Brown asked the governor to consider nontraditional students like himself that are proud to call Rutgers home before deciding the merge the two schools.

Before the argument got heated Gov. Christie tried to explain that current Rutgers students would graduate with a Rutgers degree no matter what, however Mr. Brown was not satisfied with that answer and began interrupting the governor.

”You’re taking opportunities away,” Mr. Brown said. “Nobody at Rutgers wants it.” Gov. Christie said he wants to do this to provide a bigger and better university for people and added that Mr. Brown does not speak for everyone at Rutgers University.

After Mr. Brown continued to interrupt the governor’s answers, Gov. Christie moved on to the next questioner, but not before calling Mr. Brown an “idiot.”

”And let me tell you, after you graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom, your rear end’s going to end up thrown in jail, idiot,” he said. Mr. Brown was soon removed from the meeting by Florence Township police officers.

   ”You know, I tried to be patient with the guy, the governor said after the man left. “Every time I tried to answer, he started yelling over me again. Damn, man, I’m governor, could you just shut up for a second?” There were no second thoughts his part on Monday when he was asked about his Jersey-type outburst during a visit to Bordentown Regional High School. He was there to discuss education reform, ”I have absolutely no regrets,” he said. “Just because he was a Navy SEAL doesn’t give him the right of be a jerk.”At the end of the town hall meeting Gov. Christie reminisced about his mother and said she always told him to be himself.”Because then tomorrow, you’re not going to have to remember who you pretended to be yesterday,” he said. “That’s great advice.”


Bordentown Guitar Rescue Shop in Bordentown, NJ-Deirdre Ryan Photography

I found out through Facebook that Michael was about to open his new shop here on Farnsworth Ave., in Bordentown. So on opening day I went over and took a few shots for The Register News. I was really happy to see his dream come true!
Here you see Michael Virok at his new shop, Bordentown Guitar Rescue. It’s located on 203 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, NJ 08505. Check out his Facebook Page:
Bordentown Guitar Rescue  609.298.6432
I just found out via his Facbook Page:
“I’m proud to announce that Bordentown Guitar Rescue is SOON RENTING OUT SMALL PA SYSTEMS!!! Perfect for small parties, coffee house open-mic’s, presentations! Contact the store for more information and availability! Rental program is set to begin March 31st, 2012.”- Michael VirokSome of these images were published in The Register News, one of the many papers published by


In this picture you see Michael holding his VIROK Custom CMCG-III (Prototype Model). This is a completely custom build from 2007 built entirely from scratch (with the exception of the pickups & hardware).

Tinya Cagle Inspirational/Gospel/Soul Musician-Deirdre Ryan Photography – NJ

This past President’s Weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph Tinya Cagle an Inspirational/Gospel/Soul musician and singer. I shot her on location at Hebe’s Music in Mt. Holly, NJ. Tinya was going to perform for a live audience for a video that day. Mt. Holly has great places to photograph around the town, so we did just that.
First we shot some pictures of her inside Hebe’s Music, then went outside around the corner and shot her on the street and in front of what used to be the City Hall and Jail. Then I shot pictures of her back inside of Hebe’s Music as she was performing.
I wanted to photograph her in her element, singing and most of all being herself. My goal was to make her comfortable with me and when this happens, I get great shots.
I love shooting musicians. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music and my all time favorite is The Beatles. Along with the music was the photographs that was taken. I love how they captured the artists and sometimes the wackiness of their characters. Some of the best pictures where done inside the recording studios and while they performed onstage. The recording sessions are where I think photographers captured the musicians at their most vulnerable, using the fastest speed film that they could find and not using a flash so as not to disturb the recording sessions.
I would love to “hear” what you have to say! Please post your comments below 🙂