The people you see may or may not have medical conditions and that’s the point of this personal project. Because at a certain age, according to the healthcare industry, we all become a pre-existing condition.

My idea is to take portraits of the very people that the votes affect directly, by putting them on a postcard that gets sent out to local and national government representatives. A face to the causes that they vote on, to make our voices heard visually. Then my volunteers will send out the postcards with their portraits on them. On the back each one says:

I Am A Pre-Existing Condition. I’m depending on you to work together to improve the ACA.

Then there’s space for them to write whatever they want about themselves or what they want to happen, etc.

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at my blog post for behind the scenes video and to read more about this project. To find out how to contribute and be a part of this, please contact me. It would be an honor to have you or someone you know sit in front of my camera.

Thank you!