Paint The Town “En Plein Air” in Bordentown, NJ-NJ Photographer

Bordentown in summertime is a paradise for plein air artists. We’re fortunate that Bordentown has much to offer and that it is drenched in fabulous light during July.


Ms. Linda Holt(Bordentown City) is painting the Clara Barton School House.


Here is Arlene Marcoe(Tabernacle, NJ) is painting a home on the corner of Willow St. and Federal St. in Bordentown, NJ.


Many artists participated in Paint The Town “En Plein Air”. En Plein Air is a French expression which describes painting done outdoors in the open air and on location. It is one of the most spontaneous and challenging styles of painting that an artist can experience. The event was sponsored by The Farnsworth Gallery located on 134 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, NJ. This was in July 2012 for The Register News.



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