Joyful Praise at the Shiloh Baptist Church-Deirdre Ryan Editorial Photographer

There was nothing but joyful sounds, music and vocals during the concert held at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Bordentown, NJ. It was held as a fundraiser to benefit the Lay Organization. Jasper T. Daniels Jr. Scholarship Fund.
I covered this for The Register News,
Natasha Overton


Brother Jaime Harrison of Beauty Grove Baptist Church.
Gospel Soloist, Brother Norman Caldwell.


Anne Horne clapping after Gospel Soloist, Brother Norman Caldwell finishes a song.



Sherice Brown enjoying the songs and music.


Gospel Soloist, Brother Norman Caldwell.



Brother Jaime Harrison, Mrs. Lorraine Fortune and Mrs. Anne Horne singing along and enjoying the performances.


Quentin Loftin of the group, Silent Praise.


Quentin Loftin of the group, Silent Praise.


The Original Specials of Trenton. Members of this gospel choir are:Marjorie Miller, Betty Hall, Mary Brown, Juanila Kelly, Delores Smith and Fred Baum is their musician.





Sherice Brown uses her tambourine to join in with the singers.
The Capital City Gospel Singers of Trenton are:Michael Ingram, Sedrick Bailey, Fred Baum, Jerome Wilson, Michael Smith, Deacon Horace E. Grant Sr., Michael Thomas and Bob Horton. The lead singer is Michael Ingram.




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