Northern Burlington County High School’s Production of Beauty and The Beast-NJ Photographer

Some of these were printed in The Register News.
Reed Schmidt, a Sophomore plays Belle, in Northern Burlington County Regional High School’s production of Beauty and The Beast.


Nick Fulfaro, a Freshman, plays Lefou with William Maginnis, a Junior, who plays Gaston, in during Scene Six of Gaston in The Village Tavern.
Tyler Maginnis, a Junior, plays Gaston


Josh Knighten as Maurice, Belle’s father.


Reed Schmidt as Belle, a Sophomore, in a scene in where the Beast, played by Tyler Sapp, a Sophomore, gives her the choice of freeing her father but must stay with him forever or her father stays as a prisoner.
Grace Heresmann a Sophomore, plays Chip and Shauna Berkeyheiser, a Senior, plays Mrs. Pott.


The Beast, played by Tyler Sapp, a Sophomore.


Author Joyce Carol Oates At Allentown High School-NJ Photographer

I had the utmost pleasure and honor to meet and photograph Pulitzer Prize for Literature winner,  author, winner Joyce Carol Oates.
Joyce Carol Oates was there for the Enthusiastic Reader Reception in Allentown High School. She read excerpts from one of her books and then did a Q and A with the audience.
It has been such a long time since I have been to anything like this. After I got the photos that I needed for The Messenger Press, I had some time and I sat down and enjoyed the rest of the event.
Thank you to everyone at the Allentown HS in Allentown, NJ and Ms. Oates!












The Bordentown Elks Easter Egg Hunt- Bordentown, NJ Photographer

The Bordentown Elks Lodge had their Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Divine Word Seminary in Bordentown, NJ. It was a lot of fun to photograph the event. My daughter was able to participate and this was her first time in a group egg hunt.
They had 2 egg hunts, one for the 0-5 year olds and the other for the 6 and older age group too. This I found nice since the little ones didn’t have to compete with the older kids.
Some of these were published in The Register News.
The 0-5 Age Group race out to find Easter Eggs during the Bordentown Elk’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt The event was held at the Divine Word Seminary in Bordentown.




Jayden finds easter eggs during the Bordentown Elk’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the 0-5 age group


Margot finds an egg!


Mikayla with her Easter basket during the egg hunt.


Sean showing off his eggs.


Jayden shows me her loot.


Travis, age 7 showing me how many eggs he found.


After the children find their eggs, they go to the tables and trade them in for a piece of candy for every egg that they find. THose that found hard boiled eggs relieved an Easter Basket filled with candy and toys.





Wayne holding up a basket that one of his children received.



The Pecht Family of Bordentown Home For Funerals.
The volunteer Bordentown Elks:William O’Brian, Ed Foley, Robert Pecht, Stephanie Pecht, David Rooney, Tom Kelley, David Yasko, Casey McCorminck, Lauren Sontupe(The Easter Bunny) and standing with the Easter Bunny is Margot and Giselle.