The Pink Mile

UPDATE: The dear sweet woman for whom this glorious event this was for, has passed away this evening, November 21, 2015. As you read this post and view these images, please think of her, her family,  friends and the community.  I met Kelly for a brief moment, and seeing how much she was loved, the photos on her Facebook profile, made me smile. Say a prayer, or a special thought for them all. From what I understand, these photos brought much comfort and joy to them, and I say to, that the honor was all mine. Please leave a lovely comment for the her family and her friends. Thank you everyone. 

Our community does a lot of wonderful things for people. A woman, a daughter, a sibling, a wife, and a mother, has cancer, and is fighting hard. She just came home from the hospital. Battling cancer for 7+ years is hard. I don’t know her, but I want to now. My friend contacted me, because she put together a last minute fundraiser to help the family with meals and money to get through these days.

We met at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Bordentown Township, NJ. They walked a half mile to their home, and then another half mile back to the starting point, this included members of her family, including her mother. What transpired was amazing.   ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography1 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography2 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography3 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography4

I got up on a very tall ladder and with the help of others, arranged all of these people and children into one large group photo.
ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography5 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography6

Then the walk began.ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography7 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography8 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography10

The balloons were placed on their front lawn.


I was more towards the back of the walkers, but as you can see, the love of people towards the family was true.ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography13ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography12 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography14 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography15 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography16

That’s her daughter in the middle with her besties.ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography17 ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography18

Family photo back at Holy Cross Lutheran Church where we all met and ended. ThePinkMile_TeamKelly_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditorialPhotography19

Our adult choir lost a dear friend, a fierce, fun loving, full of life woman last week. Today is her viewing, and tomorrow, we are going to sing her funeral Mass. It’s going to be so hard. So, I needed this event, and I know my friend was looking down on me yesterday, I can’t explain it, I just know it. Thank you everyone for letting me be a part of something truly wonderful.



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