Princeton University Medical in Princeton Closes Down- NJ Photographer

I was asked by The Princeton Packet to cover the old University of Princeton’s Witherspoon St. location as the last of it’s patients were being transported to the new Plainsboro, NJ building.
The Packet’s staff photographer, Phil McAuliffe was at the new building photographing the patients coming in. The reporter that I was paired with was Charley Faulkenburg, while Phil was paired with reporter, Victoria Hurley-Schubert. Cal Killeen was the Editor.
This was a large 12-page spread insert for all of The Packet Publication papers and was a large project for us photographers, the reporters and editors. I was honored and am thankful for being a part of this assignment.
I have to say that this was no small plan and the organization of the staff and volunteers and the many EMT’s made this run very smoothly and effortlessly.
Craig Gronczeski, the Chairman of the Emergency Department.
The first patient to leave the old hospital was Nicole Williams.


Mike Sirignano of GDS Signs, covers up the main sign in front of Princeton Medical.





Mike Sirignano of GDS Signs, takes down the Emergency Department sign for the ER entrance.











Nurses having a bit of last minute fun with the statues, I bet that they’ve been wanting to do this for a long time!


3T MRI machine going through the 10 hour process to shutdown and be prepared to be moved to the new location.


X-ray room



The Admission Waiting area.


The Admission areas where patients fill out paperwork before their appointments and other hospital related procedures.


The Chaplain’s Office.


The Administration floor.




The Chapel.


The organ inside the Chapel.


The sign outside the Chapel.


Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Unit.


Daisy Hubbard, the Senior Unit secretary, she has been with the Medical Center for almost 52 years!


Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Unit



Transport wheelchairs in the Main Lobby.
Erica Markee sits in her maternity room with her husband, Sam and their newborn baby boy, Hayden. She was the last new mother and newborn to leave the hospital.




Erica Markee, her husband, Sam and their newborn baby boy, Hayden, are the very last to leave the old hospital and go to the new location.





Off they go!





Jerry Charrney, a Volunteer helps with the main entrance so that only ambulances and other authorized vehicles can come in and out.



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