Bordentown Halloween Parade and Ghost Walk-NJ Editorial Photographer

Still catching up with this blog. Last summer I suffered a major injury, I broke my right ankle in 3 places. It happened on July 29th, I had surgery on August 8th, they fixed me up with a plate and 8 screws. I really did it!

I was finally allowed to put full weight on it on October 9th, after 2 casts and another month without a cast but no weight on it. Lots of physical therapy and here it is, April 7th and I’m going great! Walking, shooting, everything, except running. Certain things need to wait until after a year from my surgery. I was told it could take up to a year to fully heal.

So here are my first assignments for our local paper, The Register News. Because of Hurricane Sandy, it was held on Nov. 4, 2012. Many people in our town were just getting electricity back and it was great getting out to do something normal again 😉

We had our annual Halloween parade and Walking Ghost tour. Yes, like most Pre-Revolutionary towns, we have our share of haunted homes and places.

L-R: Deputy Mayor Heather Cheeseman, Mayor James E. Lynch Jr., and Commissioner Zigmont Targonski of Bordentown City, NJ walk in the Halloween Parade on Sunday Nov. 4, 2012
This year’s Fire Marshall’s, Charles and Dr. Shirley Fisher. Dr. Shirley Fisher is the director of the CE/R Swimming program (which she first started in 1961).


Bordentown Regional High School Color Guard.


The Reilly Raiders Senior Drum and Bugle Corps of the VFW Post #3612 from Willow Grove, PA.



A woman from the NJ Renaissance Fair runs by and showers the children with candy.


Watching out for more floats, bands and candy!


Al Barker a Bordentown City local artist, rides his bike while handing out candy to the children.



The local Girl Scout troop has a large chicken!


The Hulk made an appearance!



Mary Barnes, owner of The HOB Tavern in Bordentown City, and one of the Directors of the Downtown Bordentown Association, reads a ghost story in front of Personables on Farnsworth Ave.


Doug Palmieri, President of the Downtown Bordentown Association shows Beth Neylan originally from Bordentown, but now resides in Roebling, the Ghost Walk route. Doug Palmieri owns the Old Book Shop Of Bordentown located on Farnsworth Ave.

Photos and Video Tractor Parade for the Troops -NJ Photographer

I love things that are mechanical in nature, cars, trucks, motorcycles and lately…tractors.

The Central Jersey Tractor Pullers Association is a local group for those that like car collectors, they collect tractors for their tractor pulls and this past summer’s 2nd Annual Tractor Parade.

It was a lot of fun getting to know these men and women who help bring food to our table and still find the time to have fun with their big toys. Some do work in the fields while others are for sheer enjoyment.

Last year the parade them was Parade For The Troops. They started at The Burlington County Fairgrounds, went through local roads in NJ past farms, homes and local towns to go past Fort Dix-McGuire Joint Base and back to the fairgrounds again. A huge circle, but I know that a lot of people really enjoyed seeing them go by.

Click on Tractor Pull to see my post about them!


Before the start of the parade at the Burlington County Fairgrounds:

L-R: “Boots” Gancarz and Bob Magor say a few words of prayer for a good day for everyone, good weather, safety, etc.

Central Jersey Tractor Pullers Association’s 

2nd Annual Tractor Parade

Sunday – July 15, 2012

Approx. 35 miles through Burlington County.

Starting and ending at the Burlington County Fairgrounds

Rte 206 & Jacksonville-Jobstown Rd.

Before the start of the parade at the Burlington County Fairgrounds:

L-R: Annaliese Gancarz(Jacobstown) chats with Bob Major.


“Boots” Gancarz’s daughter, Annaliese Gancarz(Jacobstown) is shown here on her 1966 Ford 5600 tractor.


Craig Higgintham(Marlton, NJ) is shown here on his 1964 John Deere 3020 tractor. Craig Higgintham is a Retired Marine Vet.



April Jones(Jacksonville, NJ) is shown here on her Farmall 460 tractor, that she embellished herself, gotta love it!



The lineup before the parade starts at the Burlington County Fairgrounds. Chris Hustis on his 1980 John Deere 60 tractor. He is a Retired Marine.


The parade begins from the Burlington County Fairgrounds.


Here is Wayne Taylor driving a John Deere A pulling the Central Jersey Tractor Pullers Association’s “Salute To Our Troops” float. On top of the float is a 1965 Club Cadet.
This is me that day. It was hot, dusty, overcast with a possibility of rain. I carry two cameras, lenses, notebook, pens, business cards, sunscreen, bottle of water, hand sanitizer, and other essentials. I love using my Think Tank gear, it works the best for how I work out in the field.



My husband was curious to see the parade and shot some video of me working and the tractors using his cell phone, enjoy!


Paint The Town “En Plein Air” in Bordentown, NJ-NJ Photographer

Bordentown in summertime is a paradise for plein air artists. We’re fortunate that Bordentown has much to offer and that it is drenched in fabulous light during July.


Ms. Linda Holt(Bordentown City) is painting the Clara Barton School House.


Here is Arlene Marcoe(Tabernacle, NJ) is painting a home on the corner of Willow St. and Federal St. in Bordentown, NJ.


Many artists participated in Paint The Town “En Plein Air”. En Plein Air is a French expression which describes painting done outdoors in the open air and on location. It is one of the most spontaneous and challenging styles of painting that an artist can experience. The event was sponsored by The Farnsworth Gallery located on 134 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, NJ. This was in July 2012 for The Register News.

Burlington County NJ Correction Officers Volunteer For Habitat For Humanity-NJ Photographer

The Burlington County Correction Officers volunteered their time to help build one of the many homes in the area for Habitat For Humanity. They all worked together to finish up this home in Florence, NJ.

It was a great pleasure seeing my friend Jay Dively, whom I’ve known since grade school seeing he and his fellow correction officers volunteer their time with their already full time duties on this home for another family.


Officer Ken Feltoff of Mount Holly, NJ, helps to build this home in Florence, NJ.


Everyone worked together to even out the driveway and prepare it for concrete for this home in Florence, NJ.
L-R:Officer Wendy harrisOfficer Ken Ken Felthoff

Officer Byron Myers

Sgt. Robert Inman

Officer Ann Inman


Officer Jay Dively helps to prepare the driveway for concrete.


In this picture:Sgt. Robert InmanOfficer Ann Inman

Lt. Tommie Farrior

Officer Ken Felthoff

Officer Roberta Addison

Officer Alnessa Rudolph

Officer Jay Dively

Officer Byron Myers

Officer Darrell Salter

Officer Jinja Jones

Officer Wendy Harris

Monica Burke (Administrator Personal)Not pictured are 10 other volunteers from The Burlington Correction Facility.


The Florence NJ HS Graduating Class of 2012- NJ Photographer

As a mother myself, I try hard not to think about my own daughter growing up and graduating from High School. However when I am assigned to cover graduations for The Register News, I often am faced with the fact that someday I must face the day that these parents are seeing.

The proud look of seeing their “babies” all grown up, getting ready to face the real world in college or otherwise.

I know that I and my husband have a long way to go before this day and moment, but the years go by too quickly.

If you have young children, no how some days may seem, cherish them.

Family and friends came to see the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2012 at Florence High School. It was held outside on the football field June 18th, 2012.


The Class of 2012 at Florence High School saying the Pledge of Allegiance.


The high school band played during the graduation ceremony of Class of 2012 at Florence High School. I



Salutatorian, Miss Allen.


Valedictorian, Mr. R Craig.


Bordentown Regional High School Class of 2012-NJ Photographer

This past June I photographed 2 local graduations and Bordentown Regional High School was one of them. It was held on Thursday, June 21, 2012 inside the high school’s Performing Arts Center. This is in my town and will be where my daughter goes. Although I was in 1rst to 8th grade in Bordentown, I went to Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Mr. Joseph R. Martin, the Assistant Principal introduces Miss Walker to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” during the opening of the Bordentown Regional High Class of 2012 Graduation Ceremony.

Miss Walker sings the “Star Spangled Banner” during the opening of the Bordentown Regional High Class of 2012 Graduation Ceremony.


Miss Sheppard gives the Salutatory Address.


Miss Hazlett gives the Valedictory Address.
There was standing room only!
B.R.H.S. Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Mr. Robert Vieira. They performed “Into The Storm” by Robert Smith.


Mr. J. Bergin who ranked #5 in his class looks on as the B.R.H.S. Choir Seniors and select Underclass Chorus Members sing “For Good” by Schwartz and conducted by Mrs. Scottie Lamarra.



Miss Sheppard, The President of the Class of 2012 passes the gavel during the Transfer of Office to Mr. A. Maimone, the new Class President for the Class of 2013.




Excited parents record their graduating student using cell phones to take pictures and record video as well as camcorders.



Iris Festival and Garden Tour, Bordentown, NJ-Deirdre Ryan Photography

These I photographed for The Register News back in May. Bordentown is well known for our Irises’ as well as our history.
Franklin E. CarrClass of 1936
Franklin E. Carr
Franklin E. Carr
Franklin E. Carr was a 1936 graduate of William MacFarland High School.  He went on to attend Pennsylvania State University and Rutgers University concentrating on horticultural studies.
Horticulture has become a life long hobby for Mr. Carr.  His effort  in the growing of the hybrid iris have resulted in twelve international awards, which he received throughout Europe.
Examples of Mr. Carr’s irises are growing in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and the Vatican.  In addition, gardens in countries such as New Zealand, Scotland and Newfoundland now grow these beautiful flowers.
In 1982, the Boehm Porcelain Company of Trenton, New Jersey, used Mr. Carr’s Point Breeze Irish as a model for the Bordentown Tri-centennial Commemorative sculpture.  The Boehm Company also used the Pontiff Iris as a model for the Pontiff Porcelain sculpture, which was presented to Pope John Paul II.
Prize winning Iris’ at the Bordentown Old Friend’s Meeting House.



Face painting at Budgie’s
















This is my then 5 year old petting a gentle draft horse 🙂


Summer Pastime Activities Basketball and Swimming-Bordentown, NJ Photographer

Remember the days when the extreme heat and humidity never seemed to bother you when we were all kids? Once school was out it didn’t seem to matter how hot it was, we HAD to go outside, get our friends and play.

Sure these are the days of indoor video games and I remember when Atari and other home game consoles first came out, same with video game arcades. But we still went outside to play. And we never had playdates, no…..we just went over, knocked on the front door and asked if so and so could come out to play.

My neighbor’s boys seem to always have their friends over to play basketball or some other game in the street. It’s great to hear the sounds of kids playing. In my day we played in the woods, hide and seek using the neighbor’s yards. Played spy, pretended to be a knight and use bows and arrows and handmade armor and swords, and of course riding our bikes to go to the park.

Of course we played inside to play board games, watch Mtv when there were actually music videos and play with toys.

I used to spend whole days in our local library. I would ride my bike, grab a bunch of books and sit in the air conditioning and read. Miss Snow, our Librarian, would let me know when my mom needed me to come home. No cell phones needed, mom knew where I was and simply called.

Remember going over to a friend’s house, especially if they had a pool? I was fortunate to belong to a pool club in town, but if my friends did anything water related I was there. I learned how to swim at a very young age at the Fort Dix’s indoor pool and continued my lessons at the Southgate pool by Dr. Fisher in Bordentown Township, NJ. She and her program are a fixture here in Bordentown and my daughter started her lessons and will continue this year. We are still members at the same pool club that I grew up going to.

So this year, when it’s hot, let the kids get some fresh air, be barefoot and pretend to be whoever or whatever they want. Video games, iPads, etc., all have their places. Same with tv and movies, but all in moderation.









The 75th Anniv of The Golden Gate Bridge-NJ Photographer

Not many people realize just how important Roebling Steel was in the making of The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, CA. The factory made the steel cables for the main sections for the famous and iconic suspension bridge. 
While there was a much larger celebration going on in California, we here in Roebling, NJ had our own. I was assigned to cover this for The Register News.
I encourage everyone to go to The Roebling Museum to walk through and talk to the many people who work there about the history of the town and the factory that John A. Roebling created.  Here is a great article by Roebling Museum celebrates 75th anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge
A special cake and lemonade and arts and crafts were available to visitors.


The original road to the Roebling Plant.



The Roebling Museum is housed in what used to be the main entrance for workers to go through to the Roebling Plant.


Roebling Family Descendants:L-R Renee Roeblingm Cecile Van Der Elst(Roebling Ferdinand branch of the family) Eudora Roebling, Gabby Roebling and Audrey Roebling. Renee and Gabby Roebling came up from Alabama.


Karl Darby, President and Board Of Directors of The Roebling Museum.


A crowd of people gathered in front of the Roebling Museum to hear certain dignitaries and Museum Board Members speak about the importance of Roebling and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Dr. Sharon Ann Holt, the Director of the NJ Council For The Humanities.


Democratic Assemblyman Troy Singleton presents Patricia Millen, the Director of the Roebling Museum with a Certificate of Dedication for the the Roebling Museum for preservation of a historic site.


Don Jones, the Vice Chairman of the Board at the Roebling Museum, whose father worked at The Roebling Steel Plant chats with 92 year old, Jack Nixon of Langhorne, PA.Jack’s father’s signature is on all of the cable drawing for the Golden Gate Bridge. Later on, Jack worked as an Assistant Chief Engineer for the Roebling Plant and later on was sent out to inspect the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge that his very own father helped to design.


Don Jones, the Vice Chairman of the Board at the Roebling Museum, talks to me about the Titanic connection that Roebling had, Washington Roebling went overseas to check out Fiat car company and was lost on the Titanic, but not without saving others to get onto lifeboats first.


92 year old, Jack Nixon of Langhorne, PA. poses next to a section of the Main Cable from the Golden Gate Bridge.  The cross section is 36 3/8″ that consists of 27,572 wires and 61 strands. Fabricated and erected from 1933-1937 by John A. Roebling’s Sons Company. Jack’s father’s signature is on all of the cable drawing for the Golden Gate Bridge.Later on, Jack worked as an Assistant Chief Engineer for the Roebling Plant and later on was sent out to inspect the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge that his very own father helped to design.



Standing together after many years is Leroy H. Patterson,(on the right) of Florence, NJ. He was a Draftsman at Roebling’s Company and Jack Nixon,(on the left) 92 was his boss.


Catherine Dougherty poses next to her picture from the 1950 Roebling Magazine September cover of her as a pitcher for the first Industrial League Championship Baseball Team.


Wainright “Rip” Roebling sits in front was used to be the Clock In Time Keeper’s Office.


Mansfield, NJ Elementary 6th Grade Science Fair-Deirdre Ryan Photography

When I was assigned to this for The Register News, I was really looking forward to seeing what these 6th graders could do. I was not disappointed! These kids worked very hard for months getting ready for this evening to show off what they learned.
Helping Oil Spill Birds project.


Does the position of the load affect the way a vehicle moves?


Baking soda or baking powder, which is the mightiest of them all?


Gear ratios, how does the amount of teeth on a sprocket system affect a gear system?


The Pulley Predicament. Is Bigger Better?
Lemon powered light bulbs. Does the size of the lemon make a difference?