Studio Portraits Of My Friend Roseanne

My dear friend Roseanne has just opened her Pilates Fusion and Barre Fitness Studio here in Bordentown, NJ and I couldn’t be more proud of her! This tiny powerhouse, former ballerina, mother of three beautiful girls,  juggles a full time job, teaches Pilates both as a group class and in private homes, and is a weightlifter who holds the record for bench press at 105 lbs! She won the First Place trophy for the World Natural Powerlifting Federation(WNPF). But something tells me that she can do much more than that 😉

Roseanne Deadlifing

The above and below images are used with the permission of Rosanne Joy.

Roseanne Deadlifing

So I asked if she could help me test out some lighting that I wanted to try out and she said sure! Her youngest came along, and it was perfect because my 9 year old and she could play upstairs together.  We had such a good time, just the two of us, and the images of her turned out beautiful! But of course that’s mainly because she’s in them 🙂

Studio portrait of Roseanne by Deirdre Ryan Photography
Studio portrait of Roseanne by Deirdre Ryan Photography Studio portrait of Roseanne by Deirdre Ryan Photography, fitness, powerlifter, sculpted arms, black and white portrait studio portrait of Roseanne by Deirdre Ryan Photography studio portrait of Roseanne by Deirdre Ryan Photography studio portrait of Roseanne by Deirdre Ryan Photography

Thank you so much to my beautiful friend! These were what I was looking for and more! I can’t wait for our next project together! Congratulations on your studio!

Deirdre Ryan Photography behind the scenes Roseanneshoot

And thanks to my loving husband, David, who took this image after we shooed him away. As you can see, space is tight in our basement. It’s our family room, my office, and our daughter’s play area. I used one Dynalite strobe with a 46″ Photek Softlighter II Umbrella on it with a double sided 5’x7′ Savage popup black/white background. I also had a Savage 5 in 1 Reflector out to help modify the light a bit, that’s what the extra empty stand with the reflector clamps is there for. I tethered my Canon Mark 5D III to my Macbook Pro and used the Canon EF 85mm f1.8 lens.

Did Someone Say Pin Up Photography?

And now for something a little different:

Back in L.A. I worked for a lingerie shop that is famous for it’s fabulous custom pieces of lingerie and costumes that were made of gorgeous fabrics and sewn right there in the same building as the shop itself. Celebrities came all the time to get certain items of clothing because they knew the name and how well they were made, and the designs were so good.

It was a fun job because not only did I do retouching,(on models who required hardly any at all),but I was photographing test models and the regular models as well. Talk about long days, but I loved photographing these women and girls. Some had a lot of tattoos, were cover models on Penthouse and Playboy, I made long lasting friendships, and realized that I loved this type of genre.


My friend Jacqueline owns and  operates a cool shoppe here in Bordentown called Phoenix Rising.  She brings in a lot of famous pinup and rockabilly clothes,  and designer leather boots and shoes. The store smells wonderful with scents by ToyoMilk, Femme Fatale and Fate and Fortune perfumes. Plus, she supports local artists who create jewelry, soaps and hand knitted items.


She approached me with this great concept. The idea was for Valentine’s Day so it was a Pinup Teaser Ladies Night Out. First I did a test run with Jacqui herself and she did an amazing job!  And so, I set up everything in her shop…I brought my 9′ seamless paper, background stand, Dynalite strobes, and everything else. PINUP_DeirdreRyanPhotography_0006




I had a director’s chair, Jacqueline found these suitcases and she also had a  a chaise lounge. My friend Randy of Randy Now’s Man Cave let me borrow his rotary phone and a small record player to use as props.  He has a bunch a great items in his shop, from vinyl, cds, books, collector items, and cool record players! PINUP_DeirdreRyanPhotography_0013

Most of clothes are all from Phoenix Rising, some of the shoes and jewelry as well. Hair and makeup were done on site by Jacqueline. My husband was there to help out, I know, right? He’s actually very good with clothing and other things besides photography and  gear, (he’s also my business partner). He did keep out of the way during the shooting part. We had food, wine, and the ladies had fun playing dress up and then feeling pretty with me directing them in from of my camera and lights.


And that’s not easy to do, I had them twist and turn to accentuate their best assets and features. My goal was to make everyone feel comfortable. We were laughing, chit chatting, and I can’t tell you everything that was discussed..shhh!   Some of the ladies had ideas like applying makeup with a mirror, which was a great concept, so we went with it!


All in all, it was a big success! Thank you everyone who made it happen!

All images copyright Deirdre Ryan Photography. Do not screenshot any of these images. Not only is it illegal, it brings bad karma.

Behind The Scenes_PINUP_DeirdreRyanPhotography_0016Behind The Scenes_PINUP_DeirdreRyanPhotography_0015Behind The Scenes_PINUP_DeirdreRyanPhotography_0017 BehindTheScenes_PINUP_DeirdreRyanPhotography_0018

All images copyright Deirdre Ryan Photography. Do not screenshot any of these images. Not only is it illegal, it brings bad karma.

A Printed Portrait Speaks Volumes To Those In Need

Over the weekend I had the honor to volunteer at Chosen 300, at their soup kitchen on Spring Garden in Center City Philadelphia, PA. The event was for Help-Portrait, is about giving people who otherwise couldn’t afford photography a portrait, a print to take home with them. This event happens once a year in December, a global event, put together by photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and countless volunteers and donations. I had heard about this a while ago and I could finally make it this year.

My husband was able to join me, so we drove into the city from NJ. We met in Center City and lived on 15th and Locust, so coming into Philly is like home to us.

When we first arrived, we cleared out the tables and chairs to set up our photo stations. People donated their photo printers, snacks for us to eat, and many of us(myself included) brought in frames to put the printed images into. Then once we set up, we all tested our lights on each other.

Photo By Kristina White

Photo by Kristina White.

Me being photographed by Jaleel King by Photo By Kristina White

This is me being shot by Jaleel King, photo by Kristina White.


This gentleman was my first client, and he was a HUGE Cowboys football fan in Eagles country! HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography2_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography3_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography4_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography5_Philadelphia

We had to have some fun by putting some Eagles in the photo, and of course, The Eagles won the very next day!HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography7_Philadelphia

Photo By Kristina White

Here he is with the photograph in the frame that I took and he chose. Looks great! Photo by Kristina White. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography8_Philadelphia

This gentleman had never had a portrait of himself wearing a suit other than the uniform he wore when he was shipped out to Vietnam. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography9_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography10_Philadelphia

Photo By Kristina White

Photo by Kristina White.


This is me with my client with the image he chose in a frame. Photo by David W. Ryan.

In between clients, I got some quick shots of some behind the scenes.BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia

This is Jaleel King showing his client the portrait he just took on the back of his camera.BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia

Makeup artist Niki Brennan making a mother of two feel very pretty. BehindTheScenesHelpPortrait-DeirdreRyanPhotography_Philadelphia

Cathie Berrey-Green of BG Productions working her fun station to making the kids and mom have great portraits.

When Carrie showed the mother the printed portraits, she cried, because she loved them so much. We all were crying, it was very emotional, that is why we do this.



This spunky little 3 year old young lady was such a treat! She was a little shy at first, but I got her to warm up to me. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography12_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography13_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography14_Philadelphia

Especially after asking if I had stinky feet, and she said yes! Then I asked if her grandmother had stinky feet, and she said, yes! I got her giggling lolHelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography15_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography16_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography17_Philadelphia

This young man was quite and reserved, but I could tell that he loved to be outgoing and friendly.  HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography18_Philadelphia

Photo By Kristina White

He was 6’7 and I’m 5’0, I tried a few with him standing but I preferred the ones I showed here. Photo by Kristina White. HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography19_Philadelphia

This gentleman was also 6’7, so I had him sitting down too. He lost everything he had to a house fire, including family pictures.  HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography20_Philadelphia HelpPortraits_DeirdreRyanPhtography21

I had a quick moment so I shot this portrait of one of the photographers who was there.

Help Portrait Group Photo by Kevin High Photography

At the end of the day, we all got together to take a group photo. Photo by Kevin High. I am so happy that I could participate for this worthy cause to give back, make new friends, and meet new people. Plus, we were able to get back home in time to see our little girl play in her first basketball game of the season, and her team WON!

Thank you everyone!!!!

Portraits At Dusk

The other day I had my nine year old daughter help me test some new lights in our backyard. It was dusk and the temperature was dropping. I had her sit down in front of 2 of my speedlights, each with a softbox and I wirelessly triggered them. She wasn’t feeling that well, but at the same time wanted to have a little fun.

There were a couple of little birds playing the in pine tree above us and she was watching them.

PortraitOfDaughter_DeirdreRyanEditorialandCommercialPhotography_2 OutdoorPortrait_DeirdreRyanCommercialandEditoralPhotography_1

After this was taken she was ready to go back inside. I’m really happy with how this one turned out,  and I love the others too for different reasons. When she’s feeling better I’ll take her out again.

Photographers are always testing new ways of photographing, before we go out and use them with our clients, we do this first. And if we have children and significant others, they are most often our test models. Aren’t they lucky? 😉

Graceful Beauty

I had a former ballerina model for me in Los Angeles and what you can’t see is the fun we had with a hair and makeup artist.  Laughing between takes, she was a natural, with a few directions from me. What transpired is what you see below, beautiful, black and white photographs.

African American Woman4African American Woman1 African American Woman3

I asked to let her hair down, shake it out, she looked like a diva, and reminds me of a singer from Motown Records in the 60’s.  African American Woman2

Grace and beauty.

Time Well Spent’s Ann Laurie Fratticcioli – On Location Editorial Branding Photographer

Ann Laurie Fratticcioli is not just a client, but one that I consider a friend. I have photographed her twice before for her business Time Well Spent. Ann is an “concierge and personal errand service and attending to the specific needs of individuals”. She needed business branding photography and that’s what I provided for her.
Recently she was featured in the Moxie Magazine and had an article written about her:
Ladies Who Launch. If you saw this and was wondering who shot it, it was me. It looks great and I highly recommend reading the article.

Time Well Spent Concierge Service All Day Photo Shoot – NJ Editorial Photographer

Ann Laurie Fratticcioli, Owner of Time Well Spent Concierge Service, is not just a client but a friend.

We met at a Women’s Networking Lunch and just hit it off from the beginning. I photographed her in my studio for her head shot and she and my daughter hit it off great too. Why? She wears fun jewelry and it was love from there 😉

Ann does so much for people, this is just a very short list of what she can do.

  • Waiting for a delivery.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Picking up dry cleaning.
  • Buying and wrapping gifts.
  • Oil changes and car inspections.
  • Writing and sending cards, invitations or “thank you” notes.
  • Taking care of things that you or a loved one may not be capable of doing because of an illness or medical condition.


Ann needed shots of her going to different locations to demonstrate just a few things that she does for her clients to help them in their everyday lives.
We had a lot of fun, the weather was gorgeous and made fun of the way people drove around us. Hey we’re in New Jersey, you have to just wonder about how people get away with the way they drive 😉
Dropping off donations at the Goodwill.
At the Cookie Cottage in Hamilton, NJ to pick up deserts and cake.
Stopping by Petal Pushers in Hamilton, NJ, owned by my neighbor.



At Borden Cleaners located in Bordentown Township, NJ.
The post office in Bordentown, NJ.


The weekly Farmer’s Market in Bordentown, NJ



A wonderful afternoon!


Photos Signal 22 Canteen-Volunteer Group Helping Emergency Workers

My friend Len Pope is a volunteer for this wonderful organization, Signal 22 Canteen. They are located   in Trenton, NJ.
Here is their mission statement:
The mission of the officers and members of Signal 22 is to respond to any man made, or natural disaster and to provide proper nourishment for police officers, fire fighters, EMS personnel, any other agency personnel assigned to any disaster. In furtherance of this mission we also provide sustenance to the victims of any disaster also.We will respond to such disasters within a 30 mile radius of the City of Trenton, New Jersey, and when called upon we will respond to events outside of the 30 mile radius. The area we cover has a population of over 1.2 million residents. During a normal work day, that population grows to over 1.5 million people.

We provide assorted liquids such as hot coffee, tea, cocoa; ice tea, soda, lemonade, and water. On short term operations we provide cold lunchmeat sandwiches, pork roll w/ cheese, egg sandwiches, and summer sausage. Long term operations we provide assorted hot platters, such as beef stew, pasta with meat, etc.

We also provide aid and comfort to emergency personnel. One example of this is when we take the work gloves of fire fighters, EMS personnel, and police officers, on cold winter nights, and warm up the gloves in the truck while emergency responders are eating, and return them warm and dry before they return to the disaster scene.

I urge everyone to send in donations to their address:
1005 South Clinton Ave., Trenton, NJ 08611
They are strictly non-profit and work on donations and with volunteers only. I have seen them work with others and hear from my many friends who are EMT’s, Fire Fighters and Police Officers who are ever so thankful for having them on the scene to provide them with nourishment to them and victims.
If you have any questions feel free to send them an email:















Tinya Cagle Inspirational/Gospel/Soul Musician-Deirdre Ryan Photography – NJ

This past President’s Weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph Tinya Cagle an Inspirational/Gospel/Soul musician and singer. I shot her on location at Hebe’s Music in Mt. Holly, NJ. Tinya was going to perform for a live audience for a video that day. Mt. Holly has great places to photograph around the town, so we did just that.
First we shot some pictures of her inside Hebe’s Music, then went outside around the corner and shot her on the street and in front of what used to be the City Hall and Jail. Then I shot pictures of her back inside of Hebe’s Music as she was performing.
I wanted to photograph her in her element, singing and most of all being herself. My goal was to make her comfortable with me and when this happens, I get great shots.
I love shooting musicians. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music and my all time favorite is The Beatles. Along with the music was the photographs that was taken. I love how they captured the artists and sometimes the wackiness of their characters. Some of the best pictures where done inside the recording studios and while they performed onstage. The recording sessions are where I think photographers captured the musicians at their most vulnerable, using the fastest speed film that they could find and not using a flash so as not to disturb the recording sessions.
I would love to “hear” what you have to say! Please post your comments below 🙂