On Location Business Portrait Shoot In Bordentown, NJ

I was referred to Dr. N by a mutual friend of ours, and his office was literally around the corner from where I live in Bordentown, NJ. I always go prepared for anything, so I pack a basic set of lights, reflectors, and then we get to his office and it's literally so tiny, that when I try a single strobe light, it takes up half of the space(it's one of my smaller ones too!). Luckily there was a nice large window, so we do a little rearranging and I have him sit on the couch with me on on the other end. I use my reflector, we're giggling throughout because it's all so funny and I get the shot he and I were both looking for.

Time Well Spent’s Ann Laurie Fratticcioli – On Location Editorial Branding Photographer

Ann Laurie Fratticcioli is not just a client, but one that I consider a friend. I have photographed her twice before for her business Time Well Spent. Ann is an “concierge and personal errand service and attending to the specific needs of individuals”. She needed business branding photography and that’s what I provided for her.
Recently she was featured in the Moxie Magazine and had an article written about her:
Ladies Who Launch. If you saw this and was wondering who shot it, it was me. It looks great and I highly recommend reading the article.

The Florence NJ HS Graduating Class of 2012- NJ Photographer

As a mother myself, I try hard not to think about my own daughter growing up and graduating from High School. However when I am assigned to cover graduations for The Register News, I often am faced with the fact that someday I must face the day that these parents are seeing.

The proud look of seeing their “babies” all grown up, getting ready to face the real world in college or otherwise.

I know that I and my husband have a long way to go before this day and moment, but the years go by too quickly.

If you have young children, no how some days may seem, cherish them.

Family and friends came to see the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2012 at Florence High School. It was held outside on the football field June 18th, 2012.


The Class of 2012 at Florence High School saying the Pledge of Allegiance.


The high school band played during the graduation ceremony of Class of 2012 at Florence High School. I



Salutatorian, Miss Allen.


Valedictorian, Mr. R Craig.