Bordentown Old City Hall Painted Chair Auction – Bordentown NJ Photographer

I enjoy documenting special events in my area for The Register News. Here in Bordentown, we have a City Hall that is fondly called, Old City Hall. It is a large brick building with a clock town and is located on Crosswicks St.
It is being refurbished and at this event, many chairs that were found in the building were originally in Clara Barton’s school. So different artists came forward to create something special and the money that came from auctioning the chairs off went directly to bring back Old City Hall to it’s “ole’ self” again.Some of these images were published in The Register News, one of the many papers published by



Bordentown Notables by Gregory Brown.



The Old City Hall Restoration Project (OCH) Committee recently held its first Auction event at The Old City Hall in Bordentown City – The Painted Classroom Chair Auction. Pictured left to right are committee organizers for the Auction: Carol Hill, David Lang, Christine Greenwood, Jane Frantz, Pat Ryan and Vicki Gaudier.



Former Assemblyman Joseph R. Malone III.



Some of the artists: Ferdinando G. Del Guercio, Al Barker, Deborah Pey, Amanda Oliveri, Candida Taylor, Claudia Teal, Cheryl Painter Michael Budden, C.J. Mugavero, and Jane Lawrence.



Al Barker showing everyone Michael Budden’s, Sit Your Ass Down, chair.
Al Barker showing everyone Claudia Teal’s Bordentown Historic Seat, chair.



Former Assemblyman Joseph R. Malone III with Al Barker.



Joe Malone IV bought Gregory Brown’s, Bordentown Notable chair.


Emma Price bought Candida Taylor’s The Day Dreamer chair.


Mike Neuhaus bought Stephanie Neuhaus’s chair, Mod Rockin’ Chair.


Bob Ryan bought Claudia Teal’s Bordentown Historic Seat painted chair and his brother, Richard Ryan, bought Thomas Kelly’s Lucy The Elephant chair.



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