Clara Barton PTO Mini Golf Event Raises Money For Local HS Student

On Thursday, February 27, 2013, the Clara Barton PTO held a Mini-Golf FORE a Great Cause. The CBS PTO, raised $400 to contribute to the Wheels for Dawud Campaign. Dawud Hamdan is a young man at Bordentown Regional High School has the disorder called Transverse Myelitis, which is the inflammation of the spinal cord. This autoimmune disorder made him an incomplete quadriplegic, meaning that he has some body functions, but very limited. After one of his many surgeries, his legs have become very spastic and while in physical therapy, he noticed that while in a standing position, his became more relaxed. No other medications have worked as much as him being in that position. He needs a power chair that can position him to a standing position, but the insurance company has denied the request many times This chair that can help his quality of life cost $53,000. The community of Bordentown has been spreading the word about Dawud's fundraising campaign. Please spread the word and the above link and let's help Dawud get the wheelchair that he needs, thanks!  

Students At MacFarland Intermediate School In Bordentown, NJ Come Together For Rare Disease Day

Article by by Amy Batista, Special Writer Published on Thursday, March 6, 2014 
The Register News
Students at MacFarland Intermediate School wore red and purple to honor a fellow student on Rare Disease Awareness Day last Friday.
Fifth grader Daniel Applegate, of Bordentown Township, was diagnosed with Evans Syndrome on Dec. 19, 2011 and is in remission.
Evans syndrome is a rare autoimmune disorder in which the body makes antibodies that destroy the red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells, according to
During the awareness day, students wore red and purple to symbolize red blood cells and platelets, respectively, said Dawn Applegate, Daniel’s mother.
Late in 2011, the first indication that something was not quite right with Daniel was the yellow coloring of his eyes and skin, which was noticed by his teacher. ”We (then) called his primary doctor and they said take him straight to the hospital,” Ms. Applegate said. Daniel was transferred to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick where he underwent rounds of testing and was ultimately diagnosed.
Toward the end of the awareness day students met in the gym for a group photo . ”I am so proud of all of you (for) supporting your classmate in this endeavor,” Principal Megan Geibel told the students, and explained to them the importance of what they were supporting through the awareness day.Also, announcements were made throughout the week by the student council explaining what the day was about and rare diseases.
Student Council President Christie Diaz took a few minutes to address the students as well and thanked her classmates for joining them.
”Rare Disease Awareness Day is held on the last day in February to raise awareness for rare diseases and to improve access to treatment for individuals with rare diseases,” said Christie.
Daniel a was joined by Ms. Applegate, his father Chris and sister Jessica, 8, for the special gathering.
Ms. Applegate said the challenges the condition presents Daniel varies.
”If his white blood cells are down, he can’t fight off infections,” she said. “If his platelets are down he can hemorrhage.”To help him fight infections, Daniel has to wear a surgical mask whenever his white blood cell counts are low. Daniel has gone through nine blood transfusions and several platelet transfusions, resulting in a lot of missed school, she said.
However, things are looking up since his remission last September.”He has been doing really good,” she said. “Remission is (that) his counts are normal now because of his transfusions. We are hoping his counts stay up.”
The family has been doing fundraisers for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to help raise money to find a cure. The next fundraiser the family is helping is scheduled for the Green Day Fair on April 25 at Joseph Lawrence Park.
Principal Geibel thanked Daniel and his mom for sharing his story with the students.
”It’s not always easy to share when you are going through such an emotional roller coaster,” she said. “You're a real trooper, Daniel. We're real happy to support your cause.” She again praised his classmates for their support.
”This just shows the compassion that our students have for whole student body as soon as they know it is someone close to home they will jump in and be part of it,” she said.Denise Stachura, Daniel’s teacher, helped organized the event over the past few weeks. ”We talked many days about Evans syndrome,” said Ms. Stachura, recalling how in a show of solidarity, everyone in the class would also wear masks. She further noted they also worked to keep the classroom “as sanitary as possible.””He’s a great kid and a trooper,” she said. “It’s great to see that it’s in remission right now.”
”You just have to keep an eye on him,” Ms. Applegate said, adding that she is watching for his skin to see if it gets that jaundice appearance.
Both the school and the community has been very supportive, she said.”In the beginning it was really hard for us and now it doesn't make it any easier,” said Chris, who explained that prior to remission Daniel would experience pain in his bone and the “pressure” would often to him to wake up in the middle of the night leaving him “rocking back and forth.” They would try to massage the pain in hopes that it would bring Daniel some relief. ”It’s real hard to watch him suffer,” Mr. Applegate said.Ms. Applegate agreed. ”It’s hard when you can’t take the pain away,” Ms. Applegate said.
Mr. Applegate noted for people to realize that there are people many people “silently suffering” out there and not to be quick to judge people and assume they are just in a “bad mood.”
”The main thing that we would like people to know in my opinion is there are lot of people silently suffering and not everyone who seems like they are in a bad mood are in a bad mood,” Mr. Applegate said.
”There are less than a 1,000 children in the world with this,” Ms. Evans said, adding that Daniel has lost three of his friends in the past two years to Evans syndrome.
For more information on how you can join Daniel’s fight, visit his Facebook page at
Amy Batista helped me while I was on the tall ladder and also took pictures of me :) Thanks Amy!

Bordentown Regional High School Theatre Program Presents The Wedding Singer

When I was in high school, I was in the theater, I helped paint the sets, I was a stage manager, and I was Miss Lynch in Grease during my senior year. So high school theater has a special place in my heart. A lot of my friends were in the theater and the band too, i remember those days fondly. Our local high school,  Bordentown Regional High School Theatre program presented the hysterical musical The Wedding Singer on February 27th, 28th and March 1st at 7:30PM. These kids are super talented and I wish I could've been able to go see them perform.

Valentine’s Day Wedding in Bordentown, NJ

I was on my way home from volunteering at my daughter's school for her class's Valentine's Day party when I saw the balloons in front of the Friends Meeting House. So I found a place to park, and saw my friend Heather Cheesman and she explained to me what was happening. Burlington County Clerk, Tim Tyler, was offered his services free of charge on February 14th, 2014, Valentine's Day. That afternoon's ceremonies were held at the historic Friends Meeting House on Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown City. So I took some shots for The Register News, which was perfect because we needed something to highlight this holiday.
After each couple was married a local Bordentown photographer who has his own instant photo booth and printing setup took a quick portrait and gave them a free 5x7.

On Location Business Portrait Shoot In Bordentown, NJ

I was referred to Dr. N by a mutual friend of ours, and his office was literally around the corner from where I live in Bordentown, NJ. I always go prepared for anything, so I pack a basic set of lights, reflectors, and then we get to his office and it's literally so tiny, that when I try a single strobe light, it takes up half of the space(it's one of my smaller ones too!). Luckily there was a nice large window, so we do a little rearranging and I have him sit on the couch with me on on the other end. I use my reflector, we're giggling throughout because it's all so funny and I get the shot he and I were both looking for.

Snow, Snow and More Snow! – Deirdre Ryan Photography

It’s no joke the amount of snow and crazy weather we have been getting in New Jersey and elsewhere in the US. But I can’t help but love the beauty and quiet of it as it falls and how everything looks afterwards.

Downtown Bordentown City’s Christmas Tree covered in snow the morning of Friday January 3rd, 2014. The first major snowstorm of the year.


Matthew McElmoyl, owner of Oliver A Bistro restaurant in Bordentown City, cleans off his SUV.
Sledding fun on a snow day from school!




Blacks Creek, a tidal tributary to the Delaware River in Bordentown City.




The Delaware River and Crosswicks Creek in Bordentown City was full of ice last week on January 9th, 2014 following the Polar Vortex of snow and extremely low temperatures.